After yesterdays news on CNN that the Muslim religion is now the fastest growing in Africa I have a ominous thought that this will be the basis for the next major conflict.
Not Korea or Iran,Africa! as the Christian ethic is still a major player there in some countries and they won't accept it.
Africa is called the melting pot, I hope to God we keep out of it military wise,we are not strong enough.
Blair went into Sierra Leone but it took a General to sort it out,let's hope it's the last.
The Yanks,S.Africans,Uganda,Zimabwaye,Kenya etc will have to pull their fingers out soon and create an African Force or they will be in the shit.IMO
There already is an African Force and it is already engaging Muslim extremism.

African Union peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi are in Mogadishu supporting the "legitimate government" against the Islamic Courts Union and others (including AQ) which is why Al Shaba'ab bombed Kampala 3 weeks ago killing 78 people while they were watching the World Cup Final.
Arguably China has too much to lose in Africa for them to let a bunch of imaginary friend inspired nutters take it over. Who then keeps China in check is another matter, though.

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