AFPS75 advice required please

I recently applied for my preserved pension and gratuity, having served nine years leaving the RN in 1976.

I've now received a reply from the SPVA stating that as my application is late (18 months late) they are unable to pay it and that my application will need to be forwarded to the MOD for approval. Also, I am required to write a letter explaining the reason for the delay.

The reason is simply the passage of time. I was dimly aware that I might be eligible for a small pension/gratuity but wasn't sure whether it was 60 or 65.Then I met an old oppo who told me to apply because he had been in receipt of it since reaching 60.

My question is this: can the MOD withhold the pension simply because it wasn't claimed promptly on reaching the age of 60? Or can they perhaps refuse to pay the arrears?

If anyone has experience of a similar situation I'd be grateful to know what the outcome was!
I'm going to put my money on this being a delaying tactic to save a few more quid and it won't be backdated.

Good luck CK, I hope you get every penny you've earned.
Thanks for your replies chaps. When the MOD have reached a decision, I'll report back.

In the meantime, if there are any RN/RM out there who served after April 1975, on an engagement less than the full 22, then slap in now! The chances are that you are entitled to a small gratuity and pension.


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Have to say that having had a long & heated one-to-one dialogue over a period of years with the idiot supposedly the head honcho in charge of Armed Forces pensions, a certain individual happy to take her exorbitant wage wage whilst quibbling over things she knows nothing about, revealing she's resolutely bone, I wish you well in your quest.

Not that I'm bitter of course. :wink:

Great news. The MOD have replied to SPVA, telling them that I'll get all the arrears due to me and no reduction in the gratuity. I expected that I had left it until the worse possible moment to apply what with all the government cutbacks and that they'd adopt a hard-nosed attitude. But no.

Think a new car might be in order - thanks Pusser!


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This is a case of deja vu!!
My brother phoned last week to ask for a forecast as he is 60 in June next year.
He left the mob in May 75 as a killick with 7 years mans time.
They told him that he had to apply 3 months before and they would then give him a forecast!!
Can you give me an indication by PM if preferable as to how much he can expect.
By the way well done on getting your just desserts.It's nice when a plan comes together!!
Happy car hunting

I don't know how much he will get; but I was a nine-year man and was a PO; and my gratuity will be in round figures £8000, and the monthly pension about £222 gross.

I still can't believe it - did I even earn that much when I was in the navy?

Time to go down the pub now!


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