AFPS15 Added Pension or SIPP


I am considering adding to my pension through personal contributions to lower my tax liability and generally save more for retirement. I am 34 and been in the RN for 8 years. I'm not looking for any specific calculations or details, but a very broadly, is it more worthwhile to buy added pension using AFPS15 or invest in a SIPP?

If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate them.
Having been out of the RN for just under 2 years, the best thing I ever did was to use the added pension feature of the afps 15 scheme. I gained an increase in the EDP payment and also a great starting point for the deferred 15 scheme pension. Think of it as an insurance policy for yourself. Earlier you do it the better the reward at retirement. Mine is going towards the holiday fund. I must add I left with 22 years on afps 75 so the 15 scheme was a bonus

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