Can anyone tell me please what sort of pension figure I might expect? I did 11 years' regular service in QARNNS from 1985 (aged23) to 1996? I left as leading rate registered nurse.
I have printed form AFP 14 to send it but would have no idea if the forecast would be correct.


Lantern Swinger
The Form 14 is the best idea.

The 1996 Pension Codes are not on line.

I have an Other Ranks extract from the 1997 Codes following a different enquiry and, using that and the government index linking table, I come up with a figure in the region of £4,700. This is too rough and ready as it doesn't account for the fact that you served in QARNNS, and I expect they had their own special Code table.

Send the form off. If you are a Forces Pension Society member, send the forecast to [email protected] and they will check it for you. The Pensions Team at HQ have historical Pension Codes to refer to.