Lantern Swinger
Anyone know when the Pay Review Body is going to officially stick one on us this year with another below the reate of inflation pay rise????


War Hero
Should be soon,
they usually publish in Feb,
it's usually chaired by Prof Greenaway,
they usually give us just slightly more than the rate of inflation,
and it's always agreed by the Government (I wonder why?)

Which is useless because that's a lot less than the current RPI.
Well it is now a week past the point when it was announced last year, and still nothing.

Do you think that they are hoping that we have forgotten about it?

After all, they are struggling to find money to pay for the equipment needed in all these private wars that President Blair and his Master have started.


War Hero
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You come 'ere wiv nuffink, you leave 'ere wiv nuffink - so wot you lost? Naafink!

All together now: "Always look on the..." :roll: