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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by THE_SMIDDY, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I hear 2.6% and £5 a day on SM pay (when at sea). Anyone seen the signal (embargo expired).
  2. YES :thumright:
  3. YES :thumright:
  4. Don't forget the increases in what they take away as well though so you wont be anywhere near that in you paypacket.
  5. The signal is open to interpretation (as always) as para 18 says "when assigned to a seagoing submarine". This could mean a member of the ships company of a sea going submarine regardless of whether at sea or alongside or, as suggested above, a submarine at sea. You could argue that when in commission all submarines are seagoing. I guess we will have to wait until the full AFPRB report is issued to see what particular devil is in this detail.
  6. What about the X factor, that was being reviewed this time.

    If it goes up so does your pay.

    It is seperate to the alleged 2.6%
  7. X factor went up 1% to 14 %
  8. X-factor up 1% to 14%
  9. I have just seen a Q and A dit from FLEET, the SM pay thing has been interpreted.........the fiver will be paid daily to all submariners assigned to seagoing submarines, that is submarines in Fleet time and includes those submarines in RAMP and maintenance. It also includes the SSBN support crew.
  10. Not those in long term overhaul though, not sure what the definition of that is though.
  11. I’m guessing, LOP(R), formerly known as refit.

  12. You are correct in saying that accomodation charges are going up by 3.6% however it is 3.6% of whatever your accomodation charges are.

    To try and explain it clearer, if your accomodation charge was £100 a week that £100 will increase by 3.6%(£3.60)

    Your wages of say £500 a week will increase by 3.6%(£18) which is clearly more than the amount your accomodation charges will go up.

    You ARE still better off.

    The £4 a day charge will be introduced on 1 Apr which is when PAYD(allegedly) rolls out accross the fleet.

    The boats that will receive the extra £5 a day are the boats in the B & G roles.
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Better off than who and when?

    Realistically you will be better off on the 1st April 2008 than you were on the 31st March 2008 but with the RPI running at 4.2% you are also about 0.7% worse of in real terms than you were on the 1st April 2007.

    It's a crap payrise however you gloss it up and a small percentage rise on a small wage, however having said that it is probably better than we should have expected given the recent public sector "agreements" If you are in this job for the money you are in the wrong job!
  14. In the context of a 3.6% raise on wages and accomodation charges, if my maths is correct(probably not).

    I personally am not that much better off as this just pushes me further into the higher tax band.

    Whilst im not necessarily in the job for the money, I am earning a lot more than I would do in Civvie street with the qualifications I got at school :)
  15. Crap maybe but I'm not sure we could have expected anything else in the current climate. People "sitting on the fence" about going outside will not be swayed towards staying as a result of this - I know this is particularly true of a lot of submariners, despite the supposed "good news" in the pay award. However, and as you quite rightly say chieftiff, we are not in it for the money and the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere.
  16. So, we'll fight in two different conflicts (up until recently), help out with flood relief, stand in for tanker duties during the fuel demonstrations, cover for the work shy f*cking fire fighters (B.O.C), race vital assets to evacuate "British" subjects from sh*t holes around the globe, maintain the sea lanes for free enterprise and uphold the countries nuclear deterent. While we have to deal with falling morale, lack of decent equipment, depleting stores on key items, swathing cuts on the budget, half baked computer systems for streamlining (DII & JPA anyone), contnued civilianisation of second line billets, threads of closure of not only bases, but whole dockyards and continuing apathy from the general populous.

    Yeah, 3.6% of f*ck all sounds fair.......MY ARRSE!
  17. If we couldn't take a joke, we wouldn't have joined
  18. Twas ever thus, but perhaps there is also a virtue in getting people paid fairly for what they do.

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