Afghans "illegally detained" by UK - BBC

Yes, I thought that strange when not all that long ago I remember an article in the press (Daily Wail?) bemoaning the fact we seemed reluctant to hand over detainees to the local police for fear of intentional breaches of basic human rights like not having your testicles wired to a car battery and so on. Where did they think they were being held then?


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Daily Wail said:
Phil Shiner, of Public Interests Lawyers, whose firm has begun legal proceedings on behalf of two of the men, said: 'This is a secret facility that's been used to unlawfully detain or intern up to 85 Afghans that they've kept secret, that Parliament doesn't know about, that courts previously when they have interrogated issues like detention and internment in Afghanistan have never been told about - completely off the radar.

Read more: Afghan nationals suspected of killing British troops being held without charge in 'mini-Guantanamo' for up to 14 months, Hammond reveals | Mail Online

One cannot help but wonder how "Self Interest Lawyers4U" are able to represent clients that are in a secret facility, that no-one knows about.



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How come these lawyers don't persue the people who got us into this mess, like Bliar and his cohorts? No money in it?
Lawyers don't pick their fights.
If you feel strongly, instruct a lawyer. There is money in it, the plaintiff's. That's you.
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