Afganistan. Army shooting itself in foot.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. An excellent comment article in the Telegraph, where the author states that lack of funds and heleicopters and very poor tactics by senior officers is dragging us down the same path trod by the Russians.

    Pollies Suck

    See what you think.

  2. What are we doing in Afghanistan?
    Surely we would be better spending the same money on stopping the drugs leaving the place.
  3. A really interesting article there Nutty.
    Perhaps it is a time for change in tactics and judging by the morale of some of the guys on the ground it would probably be a welcomed one. The only other option from the Commando style role would be to completely overwhelm the region with masses of troops to gain a foothold in every area, Similar to what the sceptics did in Baghdad. Thats not going to happen in Helmand What with the British struggling for manpower and the rest of NATo acting like princesses so play the Taliban at their own game but with our guys the opposition infinately better trained than they are. Sending Bootnecks, Paras, and even most of the Infantry units out on the ground In smaller Commando type patrols is definately something they would relish and would definately be destructive to the Taliban offensive I have no doubt.
    It say's in the Article that sniper pairs are not being deployed out on the job alone unless part of a larger effort , I find that fecking ridiculous if it is true. Perhaps the British goverment still wont sanction the Units in place to perform in these SF type roles because they don't want the regular troops to wind up dead. Its too fecking late for that.
    The guys are frustrated and better than those cnuts with black turbans, why not let them play them at their own game??
  4. Two things that need resolution before a "win" there: 1) cut off the funding for the Taleban from the export of heroin, 2) cut off the resupply line from Waziristan. Neither of those will be achieved through a paltry few thousand soldiers on the ground. Until something is done about both, we'll be entrenched and losing the fight.
  5. Very good article. Remember this?

    In April 2006, then Defence Secretary John Reid said: : "We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot because our job is to protect the reconstruction."

    Think like most politicians he got it badly wrong because he didn't study history, Afghanistan has sucked armies in for years (Soviets, Brits (The Great Game)) and has been harsh. History has a tale to tell and our "political masters" (sic) should have listened.
  6. I feel sure that the commanders on the ground know all this and tactics will change.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    In the mean time 8 virtually new chinooks sit in a hanger in the UK, now thought that they will be ready for use sometime next year.

    Its time our Pollies made it clear that if our so called allies don't come up with extra manpower and equipment within a short time frame all of the UK forces will be pulled out of Afganistan.
  8. Apart from an addictive drug, what is Afghanistans export and contribution to the World?..........................................
    Turn it into a big fkin glass ashtray and move on.
  9. Vietnam all over again. Massive numbers of troops have never beaten an insurgency. Small units acting agressively will have a much greater effect.
  10. Of course you were going to add with the exception of the Canuks right?[​IMG]
  11. Yes mate with the exception of the Canadians.
  12. At the end of the day and it may well be happening now the Taliban will have to be engaged in dialogue.
  13. Nope
    Better spending the money stopping the drugs entering the UK and let the rest of the world make their own arrangements

    Bring the lads home, and put them on entry duties, seaports, airports,etc and let pusser patrol the coast for the rest

    They may even pick up some illegal entrants too, in which case no one knows they left no one knows where to, so just slot them, then give the intercepting regiment a £100k bonus from the soc security saved

    Jack McH
  14. And the Dutch .......
  15. Not really Vietnam at all. I read an interesting book in the library here a couple of years ago comparing and contrasting the US experience in Vietnam and the Soviet experience in Afghanistan. To cut it short it's apples and pears. However I agree with the last sentence.
  16. What have the Romans ever done for us?
  17. Yeah Yeah ok! Everybody is acting like princesses with the exception of the Canucks and the Cloggies. Endex,i aint budging on anybody else.
  18. Royal was doing that in 2002 so it is nothing new.
  19. The real problem is that for several years hilst they were cocking things up in Iraq GWB and TB took their eyes of the Afghan ball and allowed the Talibs and various other groups who thrive on instability to get established again. Of course now they are established they are very difficult to dislodge again.

    I do think the war can be won, but we do need real commitment, manpower and material on the ground to make it work and at the moment we are not seeing that commitment. GWB dosn't really care any more, it already some one elses problem in his mind, and GB cannot really apply the resources needed because he has ensured through strangling MOD finances that the resources are no longer there and cannot be aquired. To change any of this would require GB to admit he was wrong, when have we seen a labour polititian admit an error.
  20. As long as they can float back and forth with relative impunity across the border into their Pashtun brother’s tribal areas of Pakistan the situation will never be settled.

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