Affordable B&B's in Dartmouth?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Always_a_Civvy, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone here recommend a good B&B (reasonably priced) for a disabled STRAIGHT friend and his partner to stay for a few days?

    Obviously Christian run B&Bs are out as I understand they all require straight couples to submit their marriage certificates as proof of a non-sinful coupling and proof that they've never divorced or lived in sin. My straight friends would not be able to satisfy these strict theological criteria! :(

    This is a serious request by the way! :lol:
  2. Now now, don't go all Ben Elton on us ;)
    ******Have you looked online

    ****** Silly question alert :D
  3. There are a few inns and GHs in Dartmouth Steve,

    Try this one or for a bit more luxury this one

    Don't know about disabled access for the GH though, but the hotel has lifts.

    They're pretty reasonable - Dartmouth isn't a repressive, inquisition-loving Paisley-esque throwback to the Dark Ages.

    However, once you get inside the BRNC college walls, things may be different! Only joking :wink:
  4. A "cheap" anything in Dartmouth? You must be joking! It is a lovely place but it is not cheap.

    On the other topic I guess you saw the interviews with the B&B owner. I was waiting for the media to ask him "Do you check the marriage certificates of straight couples who want to stay?" Useless press. However, it would be good if some of Fleet Streets "finest" were to stay there as a straight unmarried couple and then print the story...
  5. Hi Stumpy,

    Too true, but they wont! I'd have less objection is these B&B people were theologically consistent... but I seriously doubt they are. Would they really exclude mixed-race couples, menstuating women or the disabled? And do they always check marriage licences? After all, no evangelical has refused to accept the moral authority of Lord Carey after he supported the civil marriage of the adulterous future Supreme Governor... If only the Christian Institute and Christian Lawyers has backed BA as a non-religious employer for disciplining an employee for wearing a crucifix whilst allowing Muslim employees the right to wear veils? Then their claims to be genuinely concerned with freedom of conscience and religious/non-religious liberty might not ring so hollow.

    I feared that 'cheap' and 'Dartmouth' might be oxymoronic! :lol:


  6. Ooooh... the Dartmouth Hotel would suit me... but perhaps too expensive for my friends (unless I offered to pay)...
  7. As ever with these things you will probably find more competitive prices in the villages outside the town which can be a better plan if your mates have a car. That certainly was the case when I looked into such problems when I was there many years ago.
  8. In my experience B&Bs in Dartmouth are suitable for disabled folk. They all see to have steep narrow staircases...

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