Affluent Scouses more likely to give women orgasms...

sussex2 said:
Affluent and Scouse?


Its "Effluent Scouse" cos they are all Shite Holes.

Who has ever knowna Scouse to give anyone anything let alone an Orgasam. They may nick your Orgasam but give you one, Never.

Your Scouse Watch Correspondent on the Costa Calida
What a load of rubbish! Sex with a rich guy is no different to having sex with a not so rich guy, though can't speak for the scouse part because I never have...
scouse said:
thingy said:
scouse said:
Capital of Culture 08 :lol: :lol: :D :D :D
Well I know the late bass singer Owen Brannigan hailed from those parts..... but he died 1973.... then again there's Graeme Danby! :thumbup: Story - a tribute by Graeme Danby&prodid=88
:wink: :wink: Goerge Stubbs was a Scouser :lol: :lol:
And there was Avison and Shield (Master of the King's Music). There is also a pattern used in silver cutlery called Jesmond.
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