Iwas bought The Concise Pepys some time ago and i occaisionaly dip into it before i have my nap,I came across this and it got me round to thinking, considering the harsh times that they had and the harsh discipline that they endured,would it happen today, bearing in mind this was 1659 /1660,perhaps the navy in those days were more in touch with their feminine side,we all know about Kiss me Hardy.however and i quote, of the most romantique that ever i heard in my life,and could not have believed,but that i did see it,which was this:- About a dozen able ,lusty,proper men come to the coach-side with tears in their eyes,and one of them that spoke for the rest begun and said to Sir W Coventry,"We are here a dozen of us,that have long known and loved,and served our dead commander,Sir Christopher Mings,and have now done the last office of laying him in the ground.We would be glad we had any other to offer after him,and in revenge of him.All we have is our lives;if you will please to get His Royal Highness to give us a fireship among us all,here are o dozen of us,out of all which choose you one to be commander,and the rest of us,whoever he is,will serve him;and, if possible,do that which shall show our memory of our dead commander,and our revenge."Sir W Coventry was herewith much moved,(as well as i ,who could hardly abstain from weeping)..........I wonder if there are other affectionate stories out there,Im sure that there are,so lets have them.