affecting my chance of entry


I am 2 month away from being my training at HMS Raleigh. Unfortunately recently i was at a party and a person there had to be took away by paramedics due to taking drugs. the police arrived and every one there including myself was arrested to be questioned and interviewed. I was but in a cell for 24hrs and i have been chewed to bit over the whole episode whether this will ruin my chances of been in the navy. I have not been charged with anything and most likely will not be however i have to go back in may to find out the outcome. a wasn't going to say anything because i have a feeling the will postpone my progress on entry. however i have just received my acknowledgement slip that saying if i have any involvement with the police including summonses for a criminal conviction or as a witness i have to inform them. do i inform my carerea advisor and if so will this affect my entry?

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