Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Just looking for a bit of advice here... (sorry about the [email protected] English in advance)

    I got phoned on the 19th May and was told that I would have to wait til next year before I do my medical,PJFT and interview (due to my age and the medical only lasting a year). I was told that it was unlikely that anything would happen before next year and my name stays down on a computer til I am 18 and they will contact me for me to finish the rest of my application. Anyways I was just wondering if it was worth calling the AFCO just to stay in contact to show that I am intrested in joining the navy and not just wasting there time. Or should I just leave it and wait for them to call me?

    I am a bit worried due to all the people applying that If I just leave it til next year they will kind of just forget about me. Anyways any advice on this would be much appreciated
  2. They will contact you when they said that they will. With the amount of applications and limited positions it is impossible to process everyone at the same time. It will avoid you having to repeat some parts of the process that are only valid for 1 year. The computerised system will alert them when it is time to contact you.
  3. Cheers for that drakey, just don't want to look like am not intrested in joining and not commited...

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