Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joe_145, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Made my first ever visit to my local afco down in bristol today. i must i was pleasently surprised, i had a feeling that they were going to be really pushy about signing up and forcing me to choose a branch but no, the were extremly helpful and full off knowledge, in the end im glad i went. Now im just waiting on my application form and im still undecided as to what branch i wish to pursue. Thinking either aircraft handler or hydro and oceanography??? too much to choose from
  2. How quick do you want to get into the navy becasuse there are some long waiting list for certain jobs
  3. Yes because picking a trade based on the waiting time is an excellent idea. When your stuck on a deployment for 6 months doing a job you hate because it got you in quick, your be kicking yourself for not waiting.
  4. well he could pick the one of the two he has said depending on the waiting time
  5. If any pushing was to occur it would probably be in the opposite direction of the joining queue mate, Navy's full :lol:
  6. yeh they was saying that they are full to the rafters with willing wannabe sailors. not sure about the hydro but the good sir did say that aircraft handler was about a two year wait....must be a damn good job. hopefully if i pass my entry exam it will narrow down the search a bit. he did look a bit disheartened when i told him i had a d in gcse maths. but see what happy i got the ball rolling
  7. Hydro is a two year wait. I'm now waiting for that!
  8. lol...lovely looks like im stuck in my mundane job for a further two years regardless then. im still not 100% what i want to go in as gonna go and read the litrature that they gave me today and see if that sheds any light on the situatuation.

    if my choosen branch was a two year wait would that mean that my rayleigh dates would be a lot later on as well??
  9. Joe

    Your waiting time will be calculated from the date you sit the RT, so, for example, if you were to sit your RT at the beginning of September with a view to going for a job with a 24 month waiting list, you could expect to start Basic Training at HMS Raleigh in September 2011 (providing that the times don't change in the meantime).
  10. aircraft handler has a 2 year waiting list apparently.....according the CA I spoke with
  11. Plus you've got to pass the score on the RT first, you might find out that all you're qualified to be is a semen specialist, is looking at **** all day really the career for you?
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not as much as I am, however it's rather pleasing to hear a compliment regarding an AFCO.

    Best of luck with joining the Navy.
  13. AET is the way ahead!
  14. What an incredibly immature and pointless post.
  15. cheers ninja
  16. ive heard a few people say that AET is a good choice. Why is this role so popular then??
  17. Been done before oppo :wink: but just to reiterate. All branches in the FAA are sound. Great set of lads,work hard and play hard. Sign up Waanabe Wafu :wink:
  18. im definatly leaning towards FAA

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