AFCO Medical - a slight rant

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by watch_the_birdie, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Today I went for the medical at my AFCO (the one you do before you are deemed "fit" to progress onto the PJFT).

    I went in, everything was fine and on the basis of the medical today, declared "fit". HOWEVER, I'm not allowed to progress onto the PJFT until the AFCO get hold of my medical stuff from the TA, because I'm a current serving TA soldier, and have been for over 5 years.

    Ok, that's fair enough, as there is a question in the medical asking "have you ever been medically examined by any other branch of the armed forces". And obviously I have. But I struggle to see why I have to wait for the army medical records to appear, when I was declared fit today. There was another candidate with me and he was passed fit too. But he's allowed to do the PJFT now and I'm not. But he's just had the same medical examination like I've had today?! How does that work? Surely it's almost like I'm twice as much declared medically fit.......

    Is there a reason behind this madness why I have to wait, and people who are not current TA/RNR/RAuxAF don't have to wait for paperwork to say they are allowed to run on a treamill, when in fact I'm cleared to do lots of other strenuous things?

    Sorry for the rant, but I struggle to see the problem here.
  2. It's obviously procedure :dontknow:

    I'm sure it'll be fine soon enough.
  3. Pay attention to Tim, he`s our resident `Know it all`.
  4. did they not ask you to get hold of you're info before you did the medical? i was in the RNR and they wanted my medical info, but they asked me after i completed my interview. does seem a bit out of order. im sure the TA will be swift in sending your documents. all the best shag
  5. Ignore Hig; he's the resident, geriatric cum-guzzler.
  6. i also had problems at my medical, due to the BMI i was deemed temporarily unfit. even though i run 5 Miles a day and can manage the 2.4 km run easily in the alloted time. is the use of this scale not a bit unfair to those of us that are or the larger frame, but vertically challenged?
  7. What's your BMI mate? Mine is over 25 and I can't be arsed finding out that I'll have to lose more weight just to run 1.5 miles! Surely being able to run that in a good time is evidence enough?!
  8. Tim may be wrong on occasion but he's nailed it there.
  9. mine is about 27.
  10. F**k me - surely they can't use that as a measure to not let you run! I don't think I could get below 27 if I removed every ounce of fat from my body!
  11. yes thats what the doctor uses, im 5'9 and he reckoned i should be 75kgs, the max i can be before starting in raleigh is 85,so since my medical in January i was 93, im now down to 87.5.
  12. Any chance you guys know what the minimum and maximum limits are for BMI?!
  13. have a look on t' just type in your height and weight and it tells you what it should be and its the same chart as the doc will use.
  14. That makes your January BMI 30.4, current 28.6 and maximum - 27.8. That sounds fair enough to me mate. I was aiming for 27 to be taken seriously.
  15. just had to give up the beer for a bit :)
  16. I don't know what my BMI was at the time of my medical or what it is now. I was 7Kg over the maximum weight which meant I failed my medical. However, When I told my Interviewing Officer what time I could do my run in he basically told me to go and lose a bit of weight and do the PJFT in about 2 weeks. Which is what I did. I crash dieted for 2 weeks and lost 4Kgs then did my fitness test and managed to complete the run in dead on 10mins. When I took the results to the AFCO the doctor then cleared me on the understanding I would lose the rest of the weight before I got to Raleigh.
    Be aware, I was told you get a medical checkup at Raleigh as well so you must maintain your weight between medical and Raleigh.
  17. You seem very passionate about being in the RN,

    adding an extra week or two onto the time its taking to get into the RN should be to much of a drama?

    look on the bright side, you've got more time to do your phys and get an even better time in your PJFT.

    Its all a game, but you've just gotta play it the way they tell you.
  18. I was told about 70kg! Then again I'm going for aircrew...

    Unfortunately birdie I can't help you on this one as I was lucky enough to avoid this nonsense having applied last year! ;) Glad to hear you passed though, fingers crossed for you joining in September!
  19. Well, we both know what the military is like. Complicate things to the max!

    And a point on BMI: I assume the reason I got my waist and chest (oo-er!) circumference measured is to back up the BMI calculation? i.e. If your waist is massive and your BMI is high, then really you are a fat f*cker?

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