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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jordwill91, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect at the the AFCO and what i need to take with me.

  2. Hey jord

    Umm well you don't need to take anything mate!, thats if you want to go down and get some info on careers / roles and just to see if the Navy is for you.

    You will just go to the Royal Navy desk, and ask any questions that maybe on your mind. The staff are very friendly and are apart of the Navy service themselves, and will offer full guidance and info to get you through the application.

    They will start to ask you to bring stuff, for the questionaire and the aptitude test, but i won't worry right now, just nip down there get some information and they will tell you everything!

    Good luck mate!

  3. Thanks alot mate
  4. No worry's mate, just drop us a PM if you need any more help, ill try help you much as i can.

  5. As a Matelot of the future be prepared, make it a rule for yourself to always have the following on your person at all times.
    1)Notebook and pencil, for accurate note taking of vital information ie suspicious number plates etc.
    2)Phone card, change or fully charged mobile phone all three if mobile phone connection suspect.
    3)Daysack containing; change of clothing, waterproofs, plastic bivvy bag, rations for 1 day, iron rations for 2 days(ie dog biscuits), 1 litre of potable water, windproof matches, 1st Aid Kit, catapult, snares and a Swiss Army knife. All of the above to be wrapped in waterproof material/containers in case of inclement weather or river crossings.
    4) 50 metres of good quality climbing rope, climbing harness and other mountaineering equipment as appropriate, ie crampons and ice axe in winter.
    5) oh bollix I'm losing the will to live......
    Give it a go fella, good luck. :thumright:
  6. rofl!!

    ahaha that made me laugh :thumright:
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Wise words NZB.

    Well done fella.
  8. Try and look smart each time you go into the Afco this gives a good impression ask questions don't be afraid.

    Get a much info as you can on what you may be intrested in or things that catch your eye.

    Good luck mate
  9. Excuse me for adding to your no. 1 on the list NZ-Bootneck
  10. take some of your grandmas winter fuel vouchers,they look like they need them but dont quite qualify for them,
  11. Er negat iPod, it pays dividends to remain aware of your surroundings at all times, the usage of modern stereophonic music playing devices has been shown to reduce spatial awareness significantly.
    Also confiscation of said devices can prove to be damaging to morale in situations where both physical and mental steadfastness is vital for self preservation (And/or self esteem).
    (Jeez I could write this BS for a living)
    As long as he pays for my air fare, accommodation and food and water(Won't be a lot of that drunk, I can assure you), I am more than willing to hold his hand.
    I realise that for many entering an AFCO can be a daunting experience, come on you old salts admit it, you were nervous too and so this sort of question is useful. However can't be long until it's asked again.
  12. the most two Nervous times besides marriage was going into the AFCO and Joining Raliegh, i did not have to worry about either, i joined at 16 and made a career of it and but take NZBs advice take a ration pack in case the recruiters want to tell you his life story,the waterproofs so you dont get wet in leaky AFCOsbut above all have have a positive focussed attitude,and remember being a Matelot is not a Job,its a way of life,think of that ,before your interviews
  13. Agreed. Making the extra effort to be smart when you visit the AFCO gets noticed and could give you another tick in a box. The CPO at my AFCO told me this himself.
  14. If I were an AFCO I would instantly take a dislike to any one entering my office looking like a scruff. I would not expect a suit and tie, but clean pressed clothing,even jeans and T shirt and clean trainers would be acceptable and clean shaven,except if you have a beard, 3/4 days growth looks scruffy. See your local surgeon to have your baseball cap and the curtain rings in your ears removed. Speak clearly and politely and if for example you are attending Newcastle office, your AFCO does not necessarily come from the NE so no slang,bad english, bad language and its Think, not Fink.
    I went before my recruiter at age 15.3 and even though my shoes had holes in the bottom I shined then up before my appointment. More than I can say for his green teeth.

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