AFCO form 5a

After finding form 5 in PDF format after a quick google search I've now filled in AFCO form 4 and have moved on to 104. For this i need Form 5A. But have had no luck finding it online. If anyone has a link to the form, it would be much appreciated.

Still don't know why I wasn't sent the guidance forms. :/
While the case Between the Bradford company and Afco manufacturing is incredibly interesting. It's not AFCO form 5a guidance notes for completion of AFCO 104.

Many thanks all the same! :D
Cheers for the link, already found AFCO5. Sadly though I need AFCO form 5A. Which helps to fill in blue form 104.

Doesn't matter though. I'll just fill it in using common sense, I like to know what I'm doing before hand though.

Thanks again AuldYin.

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