AFCO Form 104a (AIB Forms)

Hello all,

I'm filling in my AFCO Form 104a and I'm looking at Section E (Competency Assessment). It's exactly the same questions and word limits as the Officer Applicant Questionnaire I filled out when I started my application back in September. Is it ok to just copy and paste my responses to that onto the new form, or are they looking for my answers to have changed? I don't think I've accrued any examples that are better since I last wrote it.

Any advice for filling out this form in general?

Thanks again for all your wonderful help.
When you passed your recruitment test you should have sat down with an officer and discussed your questionnaire and preparation for your SIFT interview. If the officer didn't suggest any areas that needed more work then I think its ok to just copy and paste. That's what I did when I received my AIB forms anyway.

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