AFCO Form 104 / Supplement to AFCO Form 4 Question



Before I start, I'd just like to say that I've found this website to be a very useful resource during my application process so far, especially when preparing for my sift interview a couple of weeks ago.

I've been given a bunch of forms to complete and send back. One of these forms is titled AFCO Form 104 at the very top and then further down is says 'Supplement to AFCO Form 4'.

On the final page, section 7, 'Declarations' it states...
"I have read the Career Guide publication(s): **black space prompting you to insert code(s)** which set out the general terms and conditions of service which will apply if I am offered a commission"

Now I must have every leaflet and booklet the RN produces appropriate to chosen branch (Warfare Officer, Submariner) but I am not sure which code I am meant to but in this box.

Can anyone help?

I have a booklet entitled 'Submarine Service' which has a code L4/SM on the back, is that it?


War Hero
Your ACLO should give you the Careers Publication which offers the Terms & Conditions of Service (TCOS) for an Officer, which is normally included on each Officer fact sheet. The form number is normally prefixed "CP...." followed by a number.

In the event you have not received it you should either request your TCOS from your ACLO or simply not sign the form.