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Hi, I have just passed my SIFT interview for Warfare Officer today at HMS Eaglet. After the interview, my careers officer, gave me the AFCO form 104 to fill in and send off. However, on this form it says under section two "preferred entry date". Am I correct in assuming this is entry date for AIB? If so, when are the AIB intakes as the careers officer did not mention anything. He has also just happened to go on leave for 4 weeks from today so is unavailable to ask (have sent an email though). Could you get away with putting "next available date"? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm eager to send this form off.



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Offy, it means your preferred entry to BRNC date. There are 4 entries per year - Sep, Nov, Feb, May (but seeing as you just had your sift, I'm sure you already knew that) ;-)
Thanks for your reply. I am already aware of the BRNC intakes as you have aptly noted in your post, my question was aimed towards AIB not BRNC. More specifically with regards to form 104 as it does not mention AIB or BRNC! If someone could clarify if there are specific AIB intake dates or is it continuous throughout the year?

If what you say is correct, then I thank you very much even if your comment was a little sarcy...


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The AIB sits continuously throughout the year standfast main leave periods. Also, you don't 'enter' an AIB, you sit one. An 'entry date' refers to BRNC entry.

Trust me. I do this for a living.

My comment was less 'sarcy' than yours was dismissive. Good job I'm not offended easily ;-)
Sorry if I came across dismissive, was not intended. I appreciate your help, as I do to anyone who takes the time and effort to help out.
Contact your AFCO, I was aware of the dates of intakes to BRNC however when I rang my AFCO to clarify, there were only certain dates I would be able to go to Dartmouth for my chosen branch.

In future, for questions like this one, why bother posting on an unofficial forum, where it may take a while to get and answer or the answer could be complete rubbish. Ring your AFCO and get a reliable one straight away. After all, to answer your questions is what they are paid to do.

Good luck with your application.

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