AETS's AIP reinstated but no back pay on offer?

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Ghengis, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if many know, but AIP for AETS has been unattainable for 4 years due to the removal of the peeps examine. It has now been reinstated but no back pay is being offered. Under the JSP 754 it states:

    "Where an AIP qualification is subsequently added to the list, anyindividuals who already have the qualification may be awarded AIP
    from the date that it was added. There will be no retrospective

    Which means they are right in not offering it. But I can't help but feel ripped of here since 4 years to change a discontinued qualification seems a little long, and would work out at about £3500 pay owed to someone just after the exam was removed.

    So does anyone know of any channels that can be pursued for back pay, or if there is a legal claim on any grounds, since it is a advertised pay incentive for the branch.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. You could raise it as a service complaint, but not much else.
  3. I think you mean, Nobody dips out, its just that some people dip in more than others! :)
  4. AETs get paid? In my day we had to pay the chief some shekels every week if we wanted to stay a wafu:thumbright:
  5. You'll be telling me next they have stopped "off air-station pay"?
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  6. A comment from pre-history Ghengis. There was no PPE for NAM1's AE and O until about 1964, which meant that virtually everybody was on the rosters for A/LAM and A/POAM, by time alone, so promotion prospects were bloody awful. What interests me (if I have the argument correct?) is how does a NAM or LAM become 'Scale A' for pay 'by time' etc without being provisionally 'qualified' for the next higher rate? If Scale A was kept for other branches and not for modern AET's, might there be a case for unfair (financial) discrimination within the branch, compared to the rest of the Service?
  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Was it advertised whilst not attainable ?

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  8. Pretty unlikely imo. The UPO would have said no and the only ones who would have mentioned getting it would have been the ones who dipped in. I'd have imagined that the AFCO would have kept their literature up to date as well, so it would be a case of trying to prove that it was advertised as such.

    Not a dig btw, but this is why I've suggested raising a service complaint as it offers the best option overall for the OP if they're actually serious.
  9. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just checking with OP as they said it IS advertised as an incentive rather than WAS. As I read it there are no grounds to complain. It wasn't available for 4 years; it is now. End of chat.

    ( I worked in a UPO and got use to bods trying to claim AIPs for advanced tiddlywinks etc.)

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