AET'S who has it better mechanical or avionic

i was just wondering out of you guys who have the experience and "know how" in the AET profession who would you say has the better side of life the mechanical side or avionic, ie work loads , problems ect any info would be great
Bwahah!!!! Grubber or Pinkie/Greenie.....surely a bite... :nemo:

Grubbers would tell you they are always working while the Pinkies play bridge, who in turn tell you their job is 1% perspiration 99% inspiration. Who gets more time to study for Chiefs board....or can be spared for dog watch sport...all a matter or opinion no doubt.

Id say the Grubbers have a lot of flexops to do, and the lions share of day to day work, AV have more to do with role change and there is much pressure on them on flights to provide capabilites to eager flight commanders and COs. As a tech SR you will find much crossover, the need for watch CPOs, SMRs NDT etc you could find yourself employed outside your trade and needing to know more about the other trades than you would have thought as an operative.

Your choice should depend more on what kind of engineering you are primarily interested in, as the academics will steer you one way or the other.


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As things have changes from my day this may be irrelevant.
As a young EM on part 2 training at HMS Ariel (later to be Daedalus) we used to have to clean ship every morning for a certain time. My mate and I were taken charge of by two leading hands who were on their qualifying course. Not knowing which way to go, EM or REM I asked the killicks, The LEM explained in detail and his job sounded interesting. The LREM then stated that pinkies had a much easier life than greenies and often got early chops (finish the shift early). At this the LEM called him all the loafing sods under the sun and my decision was made. Pinkie and 22 years later I never had cause to regret it. :w00t:
smithy, its really up to whether you like getting dirty with the airframe and engines or changing LRU's.

Before i get major grief from AV's yes i know there is a bit more to it than that.

with M it takes 5 minutes to diagnose the fault and all day to fix it, with Av the opposite applies.

M is usually seen as the easier on the brain trade. Av's spend a fair amount of time with thier heads in the wiring diagrams. (or roll the chicken bones, magic dice etc etc)

i personally love grubbering and would not be an Av for anything. i also like working till teh very end of the shift and not chopping early every day
Pinkeys are excellent Bridge and Uckers Players having had plenty of free time to practice,and always beat the other FAA trades . Off course 1st for early chops as their aicraft are always serviceable :w00t: :thumright:
I am interested in M because of what shag_shacker has said, the fact your more hands on and not sat looking at diagrams and the like all day before your get on and work.

I am interested in going for the Lynx, mainly because im a bit of a geek and have always had an interest in the Lynx, and another advantage is that the Lynx AET's seem to get the better drafts and get away a lot more, which is what I want, working in a close Knit team appeals to me.
Face facts. As I see it, all newly qualified AET's are grubber until proven otherwise. During your On Job Training you'll probably get a feel for both trades.

Grubbers get dirty, AV's get frustrated.


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On a lynx flight unless things have changed in 24 years (course they have) you will find that you will help with ALL trades. It's the way of the flight, and it doesn't matter if you are a junior rate or senior rate :w00t:


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Avionics personnel used to spend a fair time in the workshops onshore and in a carrier. Another occupation is instructing JR and SR on equipment or promotion courses. Plus odd jobs like Exped training and Quality Control.

I certainly never had much trouble in getting a civvy job but things may be different now.
plenty of food for thought there cheers. i have got no experience in engineering ect and know noting about the fixed/rotary aircraft only what they are called and what they are used for. will this be a major disadvantage for me in phase 2?
I would love to work on a lynx flight, but have heard its quite stiff competition to get the draft of your choice. ie I would prefer to work on lynx.
BOMBHEADS RULE...............oh shit, what , they'rrrrrrrr all fecking Greenies now.......... Bugger. Grubber......never,, Greenies..spotters......and ....and........oh shit thats it now just 3 trades.

Glad I'm out!


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If you want to be a pinky, buy yourself a magic 8-ball, some chicken bones and some dice. All essential fault diagnosis tools for the trade.

If you want early chops and to play cards, be a pinky.

If you want job satisfaction........
Hey all i am off to basic training on sunday 7th any idea on how much leave you have between basic training and AET trade training?

riggas said:
Hey all i am off to basic training on sunday 7th any idea on how much leave you have between basic training and AET trade training?

if your lucky an early chop friday followed by a weekenders and then you join Sultan Monday pm

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