AETs who fly..? Give me good news people!!!

I would say go forward for the aircrew medical, that'll be your first hurdle. Then you will have to pass the flying aptitude tests. A nephew of mine was a qualified glider pilot but still got turned away. Go for it. If all else fails then join as an AET. There are still occasions that will get you airborne. Asking for jollies, joining a Lynx flight and becoming the local aircrewman. Flying maintainer possibly after some years experience may also be available which is primarily check test flights/vibration analysis flights. Alternatively you could join then transfer to aircrewman.


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The only time an AET flies on my Watch is when I kick him *********** for not signing for his AF before he asks for a chop.

Seriously, you can get lots of flying time - jollies, embarking/disembarking by helo or even the odd flight courtesy of Crab Air when going on a detachment.

I've flown in Sea King, Merlin, Chinook, VC 10, Tristar and Hercules and I'm only a fixer, not a flyer. But to make a career out of flying you would have to join as an AET and attempt to transfer to Aircrewman (very possible as we have a shortage at the moment) or join as an Officer and become a Pilot or Observer (Navigator).

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Schoolboy - medical issues aside (take the advice already mentioned on this thread), don't join as an AET if you want to fly, esp. as a Pilot or Observer. Reading between the lines, you are 20 years old which means you will not have much time to get through your basic training, AET training and build up your reputation so you can be recommended for promotion to Officer. The max age for Aircrew entry into Dartmouth (apart from Senior Upper Yardsmen from the Aircrewman branch) is 26. As an AET, you will also be expected to make the grade for 'Fast Track,' which will put more pressure on you. That being said, if you are good enough to be Aircrew, then this will present no difficulties to you.

You haven't mentioned what educational qualifications you have. The minimum is 5 GCSEs, but the RN prefer you to be educated to at least A level standard. If I were you, I'd complete the Aircrew aptitude tests ASAP, thereby giving you (and your future Divisional Officer) an indication of suitability. If you pass, you can still join as an AET if you wished so to do and beat your drum loudly about going P/O from an early stage. If you fail, then you have lost nothing.

There are many opportunities to get a commision in the RN outside Aircrew for those with the motivation, aptitude and leadership skills. Even if you do not get selected as Aircrew, don't be disheartened.

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