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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonno_0002, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi, read through loads of AET posts but cant seem to find what im looking for. Probably because what im going to ask is a daft question! But... Are AET's ever onboard of aircraft while it's flying? I ask because i enjoy being in the air and flying! Just wandering if this sort of thing would crop up in my career as AET.

  2. Sometimes.

    In small ship flights there isn't an additional crewman borne, so someone is cross trained.

    Otherwise there are opportunities in maintenance test flying, at one of the major stations any aircraft that has undergone significant mainteance needs to be flown by an aircrew trained engineer and s/ he is supported by technicians who check out the systems.
  3. Cheers Karma! Sounds great. Yet another pro to add to the list of pro's and cons (although i haven't found any cons yet)!!!
  4. It's 22 years since I left but on my small ships flight (HMS Manchester) all the maintainers flew. Sometimes it was to board the ship or to disembark. Other times it would be to fly ashore to get spare parts (surreptitiously). In fact our flight commander initiated the routine of all members of ships flights doing the dunker Underwater escape drills).
  5. Brilliant!!! Really looking forward to it. I assume you had a good career / life in the navy slim?

  6. Enjoyed most of it Jonno. However i prefer squadrons to small ships flights and certainly did not want to get another one.
    Ships flights have some advantages but more disadvantages

    1. You are all of on company so accepted (normally) by the rest of the ships company.
    2. A good flight rapidly bonds and from the top to the bottom will take care of each other and defend each other.

    1. There is no other watch, if the aircraft requires maintaining and you have already been working for 14 hours, then the aircraft takes priority over everything else.
    2.You do many other jobs besides your own. As an AET you may be called to do Survival equipment, Publications or Stores, and everyone is a weapons loader.
    3.You can be pulled out of your pit at a moments notice to do a casevac or similar operation./ For this reason drinking at sea becomes a no no.

    However the FAA s a good organisation so enjoy yourself.
  7. Cheers Slim! Thanks for advice too.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One of my observations of an AET's job (bearing in mind I'm not one) is that it's a marvelous outdoor job on a flat calm & sunny day in the Caribbean. However the job still has to be done, often outdoors on a pitching, rolling flightdeck in a howling gale, with hail hammering in at you sideways in the middle of the night when you're knackered - that's usually when you're needed in an emergency.

    In short it's a job not suited to an "indoors" type of person.

    Not trying to put you off Jonno, just want you to be aware as with all jobs there are often downsides.
  9. Yes i completely respect that Ninja. I'm far from an indoors person though... out at any opportunity, and camp a different place in the UK nearly every weekend. Also, I love working no matter what the weather (although the pissing down rain gets to us all a little down!!!)

    I cant wait for all aspects of being an AET - the challenge and excitement, in fact i think i'll enjoy emergency's etc. Love challenges and adventures like such.

    just wandered if there was that extra advantage of flying from time to time if your with me!

    Cheers Ninja
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Much as it creases me to admit it, and I don't regret the job I've done, if I had my time again & the choice, I'd have joined as an AET. :headbang:
  11. :whew: Cheers Ninja! Reassuring. And it's a good job you didn't go AET, or a lot of poor buggers on here would have been short of some sound advice that helped them get in. (that includes myself)

    Cheers Ninja

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