Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by awsomeo, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Hello there dose anyone have an insight into the daily life as an AET?

    The main website was informative about the training pipeline and what im expected to do but I wondered

    - After the 6 months phase 3 training at RNAS yeovilton/culdrose do i get to spend time at sea on a carrier or destroyer ect.

    - Can i express any preference to which aircraft i specialise in?

    - As a mechanic will i get any opportunities to fly now and then?

    - What are promotion prospects like in the fleet air arm?
  3. I'm week 11 at phase "2a", you get to choose a 1st & 2nd preference depending how popular the choice is. After phase "2b" you are sent to a squadron & where that squadron goes you go with them or you can apply for drafts, do other courses etc.

    You pass as an AE - Aircraft Engineer till you go on your LH's course when you can choose between AV/M.

    Promotion aspects are good, can get fast-tracked to LAET within about 3 years from phase 2. Do well in any job & get noticed :wink:

    Hope this helps, still learning myself but would definatly recommend trying for AET.
  4. Thanks for the insights into AET life now i have my 30 month wait until the 1st of April 2013 to keep busy and keep improving my fitness to new levels.

    Hypothetically , If i will be 19 and 3/4's when i begin phase 1 and roughly 21 and a bit when i finish phase 3 will i still be young enough to look into the world of aircrew (commissioned/non commissioned) latter on in my carer.
  5. If you interested im also called Patrick, and if i assume your based in Preston did you start your carer in the Brighton afco?

  6. No, Preston's a city in Lancashire
  7. Fair enough best of luck with your time in sultan

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