Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Exalt, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Just passed my RT scoring high enough for my branch of preference and am curious as to the standard of engineering knowledge thats expected of an AET 'newbie'. It sounds like a cracking job although im worried as i don't really have a solid engineering background, most i've ever done was swap a gearbox over in my Golf (lol). Would i then find it all a struggle to cope with? This is the only thing thats really bothering me as my Maths is tip top.

    Standby for incoming in...3 2 1 :oops:
  2. You probably have ten times more engineering experience than most of the potential AETs.

    Edited to add: and some of the serving ones.
  3. I am only sixteen and going in as an AET and I don't know anything about engineering, but like you I am good at maths.

    We will all learn together :)
  4. The RN has some of the best educational establishments in the UK
    You will be taught everything you need to know, just pay attention to your instructors, don't feck about and you will do just fine.
  5. Also going AET - RT result depending - and have no engineering background so I wouldn't worry.
  6. thought I'd be joining up in March but have now been told its going to be Aug/Sept 8O 8O
  7. Probably be beginning of next year for me Dannyboy so count yourself lucky :D
  8. I just hope the waiting list don't get any longer :)
  9. Apparently due to go up again within the next few months, but I suppose the quicker medicals, RT etc gets done the quicker on the list. Have you done all that yet? I'm waiting for the AFCO to give me a call with my RT date. Sent my forms at the end of last week so hopefully it will be there by now!
  10. Did my RT, medical and interview all in September and was told all my security checks were finished in December.

    So I am just playing the waiting game now!
  11. Some encouraging opinions :)

    I'm going to pay a visit to my CA tomorrow for some more info before i go any further, i'm also thinking of buying an old banger to mess around with to help build my weaknesses up. Thanks fella's.
  12. dont waste your money - the only thing that you could possibly revise is your maths and wire locking skills. actual hands on engineering is a small part of the phase 2a training, a lot will be in the classroom and then putting into practise what you have just been taught.

    suggest you check out ebay for a "mills trainer"
  13. I've been buidling airfix kits - will this help me be a better AET? Should I take them to the AFCO to show my CA when I go for my medical or PT?
  14. You will need to Have one of a Buccaneer ,one of a Sea Vixen, one of a Phantom, one of a Gannet,and one of a Sea King, because your CA will not have seen anything like it Before :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. Cheers mate, will do.
  16. Crap, I only done a Lynx and a Harriers GR8, thought I'd try impress them with my up to date knowledge. Put the decals on and everything!
  17. Hi,

    I've also applied for this.

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what's expected of me during the interview process..

    I can remember reading somewhere (on a forum) that you need to be able to indentify tools?

    For someone who's never done engineering before or worked with tools, I only know the basics, lol.

    Unless what I read was a wind-up?

  18. Im an AET currently at HMS Sultan on my Phase 2A training only 7 weeks untill im off to 702 squadron :D i can tell you with all honesty you will require absolutely no engineering experiance, many people in my class didnt know a gearbox from a gremlin when they joined but all is taught. just be willing to learn, and how well you do will depend on how well you revise your modules.
  19. deffinatly not! just know your career path and what your job might entail.
  20. Lmao

    Cheers, i can already see how they'll help! :lol:

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