Could someone give me some more information on this job? Ive heard the promotion is quite good, how much travel is there? Also looking at RAF Air Tech but sounds like your making the tea and fuelling aircraft for the first two years.

I am a qualified car mechanic and enjoy the job but really want to feel apart of something and feel as though Im doing something with my life. I also want to travel.

Would love to hear from any serving AET'S.

Thanks alot mate.

Also does anyone know how AET compares with RAF air tech? Just been reading a RAF forum and it sounds as though you are sweeping the floor, emptying the bins and making the tea for two years. AET seems like your straight into it stripping things down.
Just been looking at the RAF web-site. Their Air Tech's only do about 3-4 months in the class room then they are employed as aircraft maintenance(AMM). AMM'S then serve 18months-2 years blowing up tyres and refuelling before going back to RAF cosford to complete another 12 months class room work when they become fully qualified.

Basically your talking three years before you can touch anything. I think Navy AET is the way to go.
Don't be so niaive as to think AET's will never sweep a hanger floor or get involved in tea making. It's part of life. Start at the bottom and work up.

(Tip!!! make crap tea and the chances are you may never be asked again)

(Tip 2, make crap tea and get lemoned to make them for the rest of your naval carer so as to hone those all important skills). :thumright:

PS, I was an NAM, thats AET in old money. Take the rough with the smooth and simply enjoy being around aircraft.

I used to love line work. (refueling and pre flight stuff). Shed loads better than being stuck in a hanger fettling aircraft all day).

Question for serving WAFU's - Do they still do FOD Plods?
aljh said:

Yes they do. First Monday of every month, first thing, all aircrew out on the tarmac looking for FOD.
We used to go a daily fod plod of the line.
And it was needed with fod gobbling Buccs around.
We do fod plods everyday in our hanger, sometimes just the lads other days we get every f**ker in the hanger!!!

In reply to Harris921- you'll complete your basic aircraft training at sultan then you'll get the choice (depending on service needs at the time) what aircraft you want- Lynx,Sea King or Merlin. ( not sure about the fixed wing)
You'll go to either Culdrose or Yeovil to learn more about your chosen aircraft.
You'll do time in the classroom as well as spending time in the hanger with qualified AETs working on the cab's.
I found that working with the lads was the best way to learn (im crap at classrom work).
You'll have a taskbook to complete during your time as a 'part 4' which includes -line work (refuelling/marshalling/emergency procedures)
Flight servicing
Component location
and a few more jobs i dont wanna bore you with!!!!

Once qualified you might be put as a plane captain which means you (and a. n. other) will be put in charge of your own cab-you do all the flight servicing and maintenance,as well as the general day to day running of the cab.

If you knuckle down,pass your exam to be a leading rate (peeps) and complete your trade taskbook (mechanical or avionic) you can probably look at being on the signal within 3/4 years, thats what happened to me and quite a few people i know.

Like a few other folk have mentioned already be prepared to make tea, empty bins,sweep floors etc cause your gonna have to work your way up the ladder like everyone else has done.
Their not taking the piss out of you, its just the life of the trainee im afraid :)

Once you've done time on a training squadron you'll get sent frontline where the travelling comes in.
You could be sent onboard small ships with a flight, a carrier,fort boat,etc or you could end up in iraq/afghan it just depends what aircraft/squadron you go.

But the travel is quite good, so far ive been India,greece,malta,gib,oman,uae and many more i was too drunk too remember :)

But good luck mate and let us know how you get on! :thumright:

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