Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by krisbnt, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Good morning everyone i was just wandering if anyone could expand a little more on the job role of an AET. Obvioulsy i know their job is primarily to fix aircraft but I was wandering what they do when they are not doing this and also if you get alot more shore time as an AET. I like the idea of shore time but also want to go to sea too and feel part of the navy. I worry that if your on an airbase alot you wont really be known by the naval community. Consequently not feeling part of the Navy.
    Any info would be much appreciated and also any info on the comms and info job role.
    Cheers Kris
  2. When they are not fixing aircraft they are generally found in bed or getting in some rays on the flight deck.
    In general WAFU's are not considered part of the Navy
  3. i hear prospects of shore time in iraq and afghanistan are also very good. (**** that)
  4. HI Kris, Just to answer some of the questions you asked. i Currently work at yeovilton on seaking mk4 and we work a 24 hour watch system 7am to 12 and then the following day 12 till usually 22:30 as you can see every second day we have 24hrs off work to chill out and relax this time is your own. Thats when stationed on the airbase. When we go onboard we usually work the 8 about routine 8 hours on 8 hours off.
    Aets' job role like you say is to primarily to Maintain aircraft in all trades untill completed all training (takes just short of a year) from then you get to select which trade you would like to go ie mechanic or the other ancillary trade avionics. once you have completed your training however a world of different jobs open up to you, workshops, visiting aircraft support,AED onboard ship just to name a few. As for Sea time some wafu's do lots and some dont that all depends on type of aircraft you maintain or if you ask for an AED draft to a ship. hope this helps you a little if you need anymore just ask away i'll be glad to help
  5. Arr for the good old days tractor driving at Prestwick,
    12 - until last cab put away,overnight SAR duty called out as required,turn to 7-30 to 12 then 2 days off.
    weekends supposed to be 24 on 24 off but the same bloke always did the full weekend so short weekend friday dinner til monday dinner, long weekend Thursday til Tuesday then duty 1 weekend in 3 plus leave or as we worked it at xmas, week on week off, place of duty in the bar, then 2 weeks chrimbo leave
    ohhh happy days.
    On top of that we got sea leave as well!

    being a wafu, i loved it!!!! pity Gannet closes completely this year

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