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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked but are there any past or present AET's who can answer these questions for me please? Would be a huge help.

    Can i learn anything before i start Raleigh for phase 2 training? Like different types of engines ect?

    What type of aircraft goes to sea more than the others

    And what types of jobs can you go for once you've left the navy which take your qualifications?
    Thank you in advance!
  2. The best thing to do is ensure that your maths is up to speed.
    Engineering will be taught mathematics you will be expected to know.
    Electrically Trigonometry is especially important as is Algebra
  3. Why worry about after the Navy, strikes me that your not 100% commited to the RN?

    As Slim said, have a good grasp of maths, uckers and practice sleeping on concrete hardstandings :)
  4. Bold: That's not how you spell Shangri-La!
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  5. And always know who the aircrew nark is :)
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  6. My Son is passing out of AET phase 2 at Sultan this Friday. After a dodgy year after school he set himself a target of the RN and aircraft. He did not event think about phase 2 whilst at Raleigh, there is enough going on. The first few weeks of Phase 2 at Sultan was basically set at the core skills "This is a pen", "2+2 = 4. He said he spent a lot of time not having to attend classes because of his good scores on the AET joining exam at the AFCO, whilst other lads needed a leg up on the basics. But when everyone reaches the same point they started the real stuff. He just scored an overall mark of 87% last week in his final assessments (of which I am proud) but he really had to apply and graft to get that. That included not playing rugby for the base and all the weekend attractions of pompey ;-).
    My point being is Join the RN first. Become a sailor first and phase 2 will happen. Good luck.
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  7. Does he have his own tankard in Emma's ?;)
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  8. He's the one who got a decent RT score and didn't have to be a spanner monkey. :)

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