Hi guys, so I've transferred from applying for the marines to applying for AET, I understand the jist of the job, ensuring aircraft functions safely&efficiently, but I'm confused about what happens in training. could someone break down. Where you go, how long for, things you study. Also when do you decide what aircraft you will work on&where do you go depending which aircraft you've chosen?
Sorry if this has been posted hundreds of times before!
I suggest a English course first, you will be expected to complete technical paperwork to a high standard that is readable :)

You will complete Pt 2 training at HMS Sultan (course length ?), when complete you will be sent to an Air Station (VL or CU) to complete QM (Qualified to Maintain) and QS (Qualified to Sign) on and aircraft type (Merlin or Lnyx) at the moment. Once qualified you will spend some time consolidating what you have been taught. The next step is either a front line unit on the aircraft type or if you are lucky a draft to the states on the F35.

You wil get chance to choose the aircraft type you want to work on however the Navy has the final say and will sent you where there is gaps, so nothing is set in stone.

Merlin CU & VL

Lynx (spit) VL

F35 (States) then RAF Marham
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Seeing as you seem to want to be spoon fed and pre-empting your next couple of questions

CU = Culdrose in Cornwall (HMS Seahawk)

VL = Yeovilton in Somerset (HMS Heron).
The irony in you suggesting an English course hahaha, but thank you for the information
Listen carefully to yer Uncle JFH. He has done the job and knows his subject. If the first post was an example of your decimation of written English then I would love reading some of your reports.

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