AET Winchman?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Maxpowers, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. I was watching the news about the navy helping with the hurricane aftermath . I noticed a chap being inteviwed as AET joe blogs but he was a winchman ? Was that a mistake or is that somthing you can do as an AET . Im applying as an AET myself , but I would be keen to fill my boots if opportunities such as that arose !
  2. Small ships flights in my day did not have the luxury of carrying an aircrewman, instead one of the flight would be trained by the flight commander to fill this position.
    Manchester flight used the AEM (now read AET) to do this.
    He got a little bit of extra pay but no wings
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  3. Oh right I didn’t know that , the blurb of Aircrewman say they fly in merlin, but no mention of wildcat ? Whould a wildcat then have a pilot an observer and a Winchman?
  4. Yep, smalls ships "grubber" lad is usually the winch man, "pinky" is the SE.
  5. Grubber being a mech?
  6. Airframe & Engine Fixer - Grubber

    Avionic God, all round Snappy Dresser and Uckers Champ - Pinky

    Pinkies mate - Greenie

    Glorified Taxi Driver - Pilot

    Other one with the map - Observer
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  7. It used to my job to train em. SMAC 255 if irc! (Short maintenance aircraft course - or something similar).
    As small Lynx flights don't carry rating aircrew a maintainer is trained to be the 'dope on a rope' or helicopter winch man.
    The flight Observer is the winch operator. (Bet ya can't guess what the pilot does????? - lol)
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  8. I assume you are /where a pinky by the glowing description haha
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  9. Picks his/her nose?
    Is it something you would volunteer to do ? Or do you have to apply to do it?
  10. Fi
    Firstly you have to get on a Lynx - sorry!!! Wildcat flight.
    Then let the boss, (flight commander), know you are interested. Then, when a vacancy for the winch mans job comes up you may be considered. Its not something you just step into. Also!!! Not everyone likes flying in helicopters. I have taken loads of wannabe aviators up and you'd be surprised just how many discover they don't like it. Its not all Ray Bans and Gucci kit!!!!! Spew bags and mop and bucket quiet often!!
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  11. He left out SAR Divers.. With tats, Brylcream combs and mirrors... Sadly no more I believeo_O..
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  12. Oh wow I think I would like to give it ago at Somepoint! I haven’t yet chucked up on the few occasions I have been in a helicopter , suppose when the time comes I will register my interest and see what happens cheers for the insight much apreciated.
  13. SAR Divers, negative sets and fins may be found at your local HMCG hanger.
    Now heavily disguised as 'winch men'.
    I'm wondering if they may be re-instated with the coming carriers entering service. (Assuming they do get FW).
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  14. Not chucked up huh!!!
    (Free advice time)
    NEVER admit that to a pilot.
    A challenge that would be accepted without hesitation!!!!!
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  15. Duly Noted !
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  16. Aye I know. Im one, superannuated I know. But still just about serviceable,;) Would they have space on QE or POW for us You reckon Waspie?:)
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  17. Probably enough room for a wee SARD or two. Might have to ditch a few F35's to make room for all your kit though!!!!
  18. I'll leave the grip with the hair products ashore. Im bald now...:)
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  19. What sort of time period would someone be a winchman for ?

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