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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smithy_90, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. well foned up recrutment to day and going to office next tuesday. as im interested in joining the faa as an aet or if im to thick for that i'll join as an aircraft handler. so if im joining as an aet what can i expect ??. cheers
  2. FAA and AET!!!!

    You will be expected to service and repair Royal Navy aircraft, and document the work you.

  3. If you manage to join the FAA at any level you will become a member of Gods own service.
    As you progress through the ranks you will be recognised and rewarded.
    An indication of this follows.

    AET Cries out to God whenever he needs help or is in trouble

    LAET Occasionally listens to God and sometimes shouts his name down the porcelain megaphone.

    POAET Has frequent conversations with God, not always to his (or Gods) satisfaction.

    CPOAET Is closer to God than many and has been known to ask God to buy his round.

    WO2 (AET) Has Gods ear and frequently carries out Gods instructions.

    WO1(AET) Can launch an aircraft with a flourish of a pen, and can also ground an aircraft the same way. Can hand out bollockings to all and sundry including at times those who hold positions above him. Can get the hanger cleared of aircraft in ultra quick time. Can get away with not buying his round at the bar for yonks.
    HE IS GOD :p

    Apologies to the writer of the original.
  4. I am yet to meet that WO.
  5. What You never met the like of Albert Martin RN or Doug Jerrem, both Fleet chiefs on Buccaneer squadrons.
    However the real God was not FAA but Uncle Tom Wikinson on FMAA HMS Ark Royal. When he spoke even the occiffers listened :p
  6. Slim same pecking order for the Pinkies. Heavenly Father Chief REA Radley.God PO (REL) Towle. Jesus LREM (air) Brooker. me you and Mitch snotty Rem(AIR)s :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Also the line chief 809 sqdn Bollocked many a pilot/observer. CAF(AE) Banzai Whiffing, sent 229 up on its last flight, told the NA the crack was nothing to worry about :oops: :oops:
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lots of looking in the mirror, hair gel and comments "does my bum look big in these 4's". And the yearly cycle ends in tears when your not picked for brickwoods. :wink:
  9. "Can launch an aircraft with a flourish of a pen"

    only if he can get his chockhead TD to take the book to the line shack when he's finished his tea

    "Can hand out bollockings to all and sundry including at times those who hold positions above him."

    except to chockhead TDs unless he wants broken aircraft & even then said chockhead will ignore him until he's finished his tea

    "Can get the hanger cleared of aircraft in ultra quick time."

    only if he gives early chops to his chockhead TD, Sod the tea

    worked on 819 in the 80s, lol
  10. Chockheads driving tractors ashore :oops: Never happen, 809 used NAMs who had done the tractor driving course (daft sods).
  11. I take it you must know Dave Proffit? the oldest thumb sucker in the mob
  12. Know him extremely well as does Scouse. I last saw him in 1984 and would love to see him again, any idea what happened to him?
  13. Went outside 80/81ish, gave a farewll perforance of his folky stuff in the Jr club.

    Nothing since
  14. Must have been after 85, thats when I left and had last seen him at Yeovil.
    He joined as a junior at Vincent so would have left about a year after me. I always thougt that he would have signed on :p
  15. Now this made me laugh cos its TRUE :D :D

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