AET - what to expect?

Hi all,

Just wanting to get some of your experiences so I can make an informed decision rather than a clueless one! My question is, after passing out of Raleigh which Air Squad would you join - and why?

I'd absolutely love to work on the F-35's but I can appreciate that they're not coming in until at least (2017?) my second choice would have to be working on either Wildcats/Merlins.

Further to this, whilst I'm sat around on my tod is there any prep work I can do to help out - maybe at phase 2 or in general? Anything I should read up on?

Thanks, T-H
F-35's would be good, but considering they are going to be based in RAF Marham, and the reviews i have heard of that place, do not rate it highly, i have kind of been put off.

There are some fixed wing at the RNAS stations, the Hawks etc. i have decided i would quite like the Merlins at Culdrose, always wanted to live in Cornwall ;) haha.