AET waiting times

I have passed my medical today to become an AET, I was just wondering how long I'll be waiting until I go? Thanks in advance for any answers given.
If you look in the "When are you going to Raleigh" thread you can kinda get a look at the most recent AET start dates, think it's around the 9month mark from RT at the moment


From my application to my start date it will have been 14 months but you told to expect to wait a year from application to entry for AET
Please remember that AET wait is long for a reason. It is Gods chosen branch, not a job more of a calling;)
Now go and study the Wafu koran, known as NAMMs


I applied in May, have everything done bar the PJFT, which is mid October. I hope to be on the May '16 intake.
Errrr.... what is NAMMs?
My AFCO says 6-9 months from RT to Raleigh right now for AET. I am hoping to get an intake April/May time.

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