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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellebee, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm new to the site and just thought I'd ask a few questions as I am utterly confused from reading other peoples posts.

    I'm a recent graduate and have a stack of GCSE's and a handfull of pretty ropey A Level grades (Go me...). I'm pretty dead set on going for Air Engineering Technician and so I rang the recruiting office and had a chat with them and was told that the waiting time for AET 'for people in your situation' is between 6 and 9 months at the moment. Cracking methinks...until I have a read on here that people are being told 12 and 24 month waiting lists. So, can anyone clarify? And also, what was meant by 'people in my situation'? I wasn't aware I was in a situation...!

    Also a little confused with this 'Fast Track' option. Recruiter said I was more than eligible but didn't really explain what it meant...any help with that one?
  2. i was told back in october that it was a 9month waiting list, so im not sure about that area. Maybe tomorrow Ninja will be able to tell you a bit more, unless he's lurking on here late tonight!

    As for the fast track, i think thats for once your in and going through specialist training (or phase 2 training) which if selected gets you promoted faster, but i remember reading about it on one of the threads here a while back. Give it a quick search and im sure you'll be able to find it

    Trigger 8)
  3. PO at the RNAC basically said that it's a fast track promotion to Leading Hand a fair bit quicker. From what I gathered you need to average 90% in all exams and show leadership skills in the one week teambuilding course or some crap like that.
  4. Yeah, sounds about right what i was told too. Its like the top 5 percent thats selected for it think.
  5. fastt trak is jack oof all trades master of none
  6. I've just left Phase 2A training at Sultan and I can tell you that Trigger and Zoidberg are correct. Fast track requires a 90% average and show leadership and good character through out your time there. Once selected for it you have to write a journal about yourself, which is a bit of a ball ache, pass a maths exam and sit a board with a bunch of officers asking you questions about anything they can think of related to the Navy & engineering.

    It's quite hard and not everyone gets it, but there's still a chance to get fast track in 2B with out the bullshit of 2A.
  7. Awesome, cheers for that guys.

    How did you find life at Raleigh and Sultan Sketcher?
  8. Graduate!!! AET!!!!

    Must have been BSc Home Economics?
  9. Hi,
    Like other people on here I am confused on the waiting list times. I keep reading on here 9 to 13mths for AET and yet my AFCO is still telling me my date should be March 2010 but I've had no official letter.Did my RT, PFFT and medical in Sept.
    The only date I've got is for my navy acquaintance course 25th Jan 2010

    Like everyone else I'm just counting the days until I join up.

  10. You cannot get fast track in p2b training, but you can do it on your leading hands course. Either way unless your a window licker you'll be going for leading hand after your first frontliner.
  11. I haven't done all the RT, PJFT and all that yet which makes me think I'm going to be in for a long wait when I do go and do my RT in January. Keep us updated and if my AFCO tells me anything in regards to waiting times etc. Good luck with it all!
  12. You get your name put on the waiting list from when you sit your RT, so if you find that there is a thirteen month waiting list for AET. Then you will be waiting thirteen months from when you sit you'r RT.

    At least thats how i think it goes 8o
  13. I passed everything by about November 2009 and was told intitially I'd be in by July... After I didn't hear anything for a while I sent an e-mail out, I got a reply saying it'll be at least 2011 before I start and I'll be told my entry date 5 months prior :(
  14. I have received my date (19th Sep) but the really rubbish thing is I am on the Virgin Rail train from Glasgow to Birmingham and I have just been upgraded to first class
  15. chris, when did you apply, just trying to get an idea of waiting times, thanks.
  16. Oh Sorry mate I applied in Mar 08
  17. feckin hell thts ages ago, why such a long wait?
  18. I live just wherever I lay my hat, March 08 was ages away I am a failed RMR candidate so paper work was in date for a SEP 10 intake also just to add I was in 1st Class from Birmingham to basingstoke also
  19. Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I finished my interview on 13th Jan 2010. I recieved my 6 month phone call yesterday and my CA said that the waiting time is now upto 24 months! When did the clock actually start ticking? From when i finished my interview? I'm confused.... :-S
  20. fairly sure its from when you sit your RT....ask your afco if unsure

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