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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luke_manic, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. im currently waiting to transfer from the army accross to the senior service. i sat my RT on the 22nd of november and all my medical and PJFT on the same day aswell. because im allready serving my security clearance was automaticly carried accross. origionally i was looking to start raleigh in july/aug. however approx 7 days later the wait went to 13 months. when i spoke to AFCO about this they said that they didnt think the wait was that long yet and that because im serving i would be on a different waiting time then. but before sitting my test's i was told i would be on the same waiting times as if joining from civvy street. does any one have any guidance.

    Also does anyone know when the MOD expensis for 2010 will be announced, and furthermore when we will no diffinativly when this will effect waiting time's.

  2. Hi Luke,

    Firstly the only person who can give you a definative answer is your own careers advisor. However, yes the current waiting time for AET is 13 months. This is expected to increase again in the next couple of months. The waiting time is worked out form the date you sat the RT.

    As you said as a current serving member you may be given an entry at short notice earlier, but that is something that only your careers advisor and the allocator in Portsmouth will know.

    New pay etc is normally announced in March ready for an April commencement date.


  3. Blackrat

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    The Army is for losers. :D
  4. cheers for the heads up mario. i dont think my CA really knows alot about transfereys. plus theyve contradictid themselves saying that it wasnt 13 month wait yet and that i was on a seperate waiting list. yet previous to this my CA told me that even though i was serving i wouldnt get 'special treatment' and pushed up the que just because im serving.

    so im none the wiser lol

    cheers for any replys
  5. luke_manic - are you sure that hasnt changed. When i did my RT in SEPT they said that i would be on the list from that date. However at my interview they said that wasnt true and that i was on the list from the interview date instead. Very odd and confusing really.

    Also, if you are already on the 'waiting list' are you affected by increased/revised waiting times or do you only wait the originally stated time they gave you at RT(or interview)?
  6. from another thread

    Waiting times for entry are normally advised at the time of applying, however there are predicted reductions in manpower requirements throughout 2010, which could well mean than unless you have an allocated entry date to start Phase One training, you may have been affected by the reduced numbers required this next year.

    Certainly applicants for AET this month can expect a 13 month wait to join, those having only just completed all elements of selection likewise.
  7. from what i was told by my CA your entry date is taken from the RT. if the waiting times increase then your entry date shouldnt be affected, however it seems to be different for every one i have spoken to on this site.
  8. yes, its a real bitch getting consistent info on this......everyone told a different thing at their afco's etc. Its unsettling for sure. I was originally told similar things to you, so i dont knw what to make of it
  9. have they given you a provisional date as to when they think youll go? i think to be honest its all luck of the draw as to when you get your place and which application manning and records pick's up off the floor first.
  10. no nothing provisional date.......did interview in dec and thats it for now......
  11. im guessing/hoping for around june/july which is 9 months after my RT, the original 'deal' put on the table.....
  12. Jesus H Christ!!!! The army's loss!!!
  13. sorry mate didnt get that, please explain im a bit slow?
  14. As an AET you are required to complete paperwork to a high standard of English and grammar. Looks like there might be some late chops ahead!!
  15. oh right now i get you. unfortunatly because i live in germany i have a german keyboard so its very easy to miss spell things. however as an engineer in the army, we also have to spell things correctly on servicing schedules and maintanence reports. will try harder though just for you. :)
  16. Thanks luke, have a "make a mend!!!"
  17. now now les nicely:)

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