Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by P-38, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. I would like to know which trade is more survivable for a person that's bad at math. AET was my RN dream job until I read about people falling out because there scores in school. From my reading both trades are dream opportunities. I just need make sure it goes right the first time.
  2. Maybe the USN "Math"!!!!!!!
  3. Have you done the recruitment test yet?
    If you got a good enough score on that to qualify for AET then I'd guess that your maths will be good enough.
    I've been scratching up on my maths because i've been told that phase two does involve a lot of it.
  4. i didnt think my maths was up to scratch, which is why i put AET as my second choice, i borrowed a GCSE practise book from my sister and spent a good few weeks reading through that, just to remind myself of a few things id forgotten (i still cant do long division though?)
    I passed with flying colours!

    So try that, its amazing what you suddenly remember :thumright:

  5. I failed badly in my RT for AET :( i was a long way off like 20% i would love to do something along the line of mechanical things as i have always enjoyed doing the odd mechanical job, but all i was offered was warfare trades i know i can retake its just waiting for it and have lost motorvation and i had my heart set on it but i just cant retake.
  6. It's one thing passing the entrance exam and another passing part 2 training.
    Anyone entering as an AET who believes that their maths may be weak may find that signing up for a GCSE course advantageous.
    Just one more point after qualifying as an AET you will probably wish to be promoted to LAET, if the LAET course is anything like the LREM(A) course that I took in 1968 maths plays an important part.
    So anyone waiting for an entry date, best get down to your local college of knowledge. :w00t:
  7. I just feel sick to be honest i wish i could be an AET or ME but i cant if i fail first time on the test dont want to retake because i want to just get in, i dont mind waiting on the waiting list just waiting 6-12 months for a RT which im likely to fail again just puts me off, one of them things i suppose.
  8. Stop whinging and get some backbone, If you really want it you can do it, get to college or hire a tutor, or if you have any mates good at Maths get them to point things out for you.
    Far too many Newbies on here whinge `cos they did`nt get what they want, stop being a defeatist and go for it, you have nothing to lose.
  9. I appreciate what your saying higthepig but i have already chosen warfare specialist and had interview but deep down i dont want it and wish i said i would retake but i know i dont want to wait that long for it on top of other things, but things have moved on to quick and i am in a dilemma i am waiting to go in as a WS, sorry if it sounds like i am a complete tool its just how im feeling.
  10. If you really want to be an AET then tell your AFCO.
    But spend the next six months taking an intensive maths course. Hard work but once you manage to grasp the rudiments of maths the more difficult aspects become much easier. :thumright:
  11. shipmate

    do you really want to spend the next 22 years doing a shite job. sorry i mean another worthwhile job that isnt AET. tell AFCO that you want to redo the test again.

    do NOT under any circumstance believe him (AFCO lying barstewards) when he says that you can retrain once in - YOU CANT
  12. I'v decided that ET (ME) will be the favorable trade. From my reading and research ET (ME) is more diverse.
  13. ahoy shippers

    in what way do you think ET(ME) is more diverse. do you know any strokers - if you do ask em to honestly advise you which branch to choose.

    you will get the same civvy qualification from Sultan, wafus definitely have more fun. whilst the ecu on ships are bigger than in aerolpnaes they seem to be stuck in the bottom of the ship as opposed to the flight deck or ashore in foreign airbases. another point to remember is that in wafu land we tend to stay on one type of aircraft our entire career unless you want to swap. this means that you will stay in one base - VL, CU or COTT/WITT.

    something to think off maybe - or the ramblings of a demented wafu.


    one more thing when i went through raleigh as a tiff out of 200 only 12 went AEA (now call it AET) nearly two dozen WEA and MEA (ET/ME) failed the final exams. thier choices were leave or re-cat to another trade. they all chose AEM(AET). perhaps that also says something. if you were to fail phase 2A training as an AET you could then re-cat to ET(ME) it is seem as a step down.

    stand by for grumpy stroker bashing but deep down in that place you dont like to speak of - you know its true.

    you need me on that harrier squadron, you want me on that harrier squadron. you say things like "early chops, or late turn-too" as a soundbite, we say them as a code of honour.
  14. im in sultan now doing my AET course, it is tough but you'd be amazed at how much you take in during the lessons in time for your exam.

    There isn't much maths at all, probably none to be honest, in phase 2A you only learn the absolute basics.

    you don't do the matsh side of things until LAET course. so nothing to worry about yet. you will get loads of support from the instructors and if you did pass Phase 2A+B and you wanted to do a maths course the the Enhanced learning credits you get each year (money from RN to educate yourself) should go towards a maths refresher.

    we have lads who are 30 odd yr old joining who haven't been to school for yrs so nothing to worry about.

    but we do have a guy who knows he made the wrong choice going AET and he's struggling because he doesnt want to do the job not because he can't do the course. so don't go choosing something you know you won't feel happy doing.

    AET is the way mate, wait till you visit a ship in raleigh, they all say WAFU's have the best time, and everyone hates us because they're jealous as F**K. simple as that

    (waits in anticipation for the onslaught of absue)
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you just told him how ME is more diverse. From this stoker's point of view I would honestly say go for ME. My reason for that is that being an old fashioned type, I joined the navy to go to sea. As an ME, I do that more than a WAFU, had I not wanted to go to sea I would have joined the RAF. Of course it's all horses for courses, if loafing on the flight deck is your thing go WAFU, if grafting in the places that half the crew never go (some daren't) is more your fancy go ME.
  16. Not meaning to hijack the thread or anything like that, but im having the same issue i cant decide between AET or ET(ME).

    Ive got quite a few questions so ill just list them.

    Which job spends longer at sea?
    Where will i be deployed on each job?
    Which has the best promotion prospects?

    Also any infomation from people out there who do the jobs would be greatly appreciated also.

    Cheers Catton
  17. ET(ME) will spend far more time at sea.

    Where you will be deployed is a tough one to answer as it all depends on circumstances.

    Don't know about promotion prospects, but sure someone will advise soon.

    Good luck.
  18. I already have my date for the RT test which is in the 1st week of Feb. I told my overseas recruiter I wanted to become a ET (ME). Is it to late to change my trade to AET?
  19. Well as a currently serving ET(ME) Thats working for his second christmas in a row, you'd think this was going to be a negative reply!

    However, having looked at all the other branches on board (AET as well) i'd quite happily say that i wouldn't want to be in any of them at all!

    As a stoker you can be prepared to dig out like a blue ar5ed fly most of the time! Then you can prepare to be respected (even if they wont admit it) by most of the people on board, not just for how hard you work, but for how hard you manage to party inbetween!

    thats just my personal experiance!
  20. Can you choose just that bit? :dwarf:

    In all seriousness, from what ive read it seems that if i go AET that ill be at one base and one base alone as i will only specialise in one type of air craft is that right?

    Im looking towards ET(ME) as ive had a chat with my mate whos just finished his training and goes on his sub on the 5th jan and it seems that the trade is more "me".

    I'm standing by from any posts to completely turn me around and back in favour of AET, any experiences in either job come foward and surround me in your knowledge!

    Cheers, Catton!

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