Lantern Swinger
We're all fcuking divs and make Einstein look as thick as your stereotypical stoker! Very Happy (awaiting income from N_S.....)

Whilst that undoubtedly used to be the case in days of yore - i think it is safe to say standards have dropped dramatically in the last decade or so :D :D :D


Again, I know thing a difficult to talk about on here but is a Ct attached to a certain 'home' station/base etc. I mean an AET might go on Lynx and thus base himself at Yeovilton, going away when necessary with the flight. CT's seem to go anywhere and everywhere and are not attached to a ship's company etc. Where does one live or base oneself (theoretically)........? Its hard to envisage a career if there is no clear anchor point, excuse pun....(outside deployments and training)..................