AET training / Sultan??????

hi all
hope you can help. I am happy with basic training and what i get to do, it sounds like fun and i am looking forward to doing it, i just wondered what trade training is like?
eg accomodation ,scoff, social, what can you do a weekends or not as the case maybe, the training, what do you get to do? do you get to chosse what aircraft you get to work on? do you get to chosse fixed wing or rotary?
sorry for the loads of questions, any info would be great.
thanx ship_rat

to the mod's- sorry if this is the wrong forum please feel free to move it!
I have moved this post of ''Shiprats'' to the newbies forum, as it is the only place i ever appear to get some good answers!!! Also i am going in as AET and would be very interested to hear any responses to this question! All answers are appreciated
It`s the correct Forum, just go back to the begining, It`s all there, or read other Forums, jeez, enough already, I assume that you`re over 12 years old and can read?


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OK, at the top of this page in between and underneath "Ads by Google" & "Royal Navy" you'll see a little magnifying glass & the word "Search". Click on Search, Type AET training & hey-presto all the threads that have that topic in it spring to the fore.

Magic, Our Maurice!

Note to MODS- any chance of a bloody big button marked SEARCH for the hard of hearing? To be fair it isn't easy to see.
Cheers everyone! Didnt know you could search for past threads! Have been struggling to find info! As you can probably tell, me and computers arent the best of friends! Thanks a lot.

Did a search... and still absolutely no info whatsoever on Sultan / AET Training! So once again if anyone could help with the question, would be appreciated?

ha! Rite i understand that im being a real pain in the arse here! But surely somebody on here has been through the professional training as an AET and can let me in on what to expect day to day! Im fully aware of what the AET training consists of but dont have a clue what else happens! How do you keep fit on professional training? Do you get near a ship? Do you get weekends off? Do you get any tasks etc?
Cheers though Sgt pepper for the links - very grateful, just not what i was after (my fault for being unclear)!



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As with almost all general naval training, there will be times to do organised physical instruction during the day and in the evenings, plus what you chose to do yourself in your own time. You will probably conduct your ship's visit during Part I training whilst at Raleigh, although there may be opportunities to visit Air Squadrons during the latter part of your professional training (I may be corrected). Night/weekend/main leave will be granted accordingly, notwithstanding coursework/adventure training and establishment duties (fire party/response force/etc.). Trawl through the Newbies threads and I'm sure your concerns have been addressed many times before.
Cheers SgtPepper. And yes youre right ninja stoker! Just ignore me i'm being a pleb. Just been having a read through a lot of posts! This is gunna sound really daft, but didnt realise that there were more pages with posts on! I thought that posts were only kept on the site so long! All sorted now! thanks.


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jonno_0002 said:
Cheers SgtPepper. And ... ninja stoker! All sorted now! thanks.
No problem Jonno, you can email or ring your nearest AFCO if you need any definitive answers rather than opinions. (I assume, it's Manchester). Just write down all the bits you want to ask and give them a call- you'll find them very helpful & friendly (but maybe a little ugly).

Manchester Careers Office

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