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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Kyle.L.19, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i know theres a few people who are wishing to go in as a AET that are waiting for their Raleigh dates;

    Im currently going in on the 22nd of Feb.

    Anyone else joining around this time?

    Thanks Kyle.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There's an average of 70 new recruits each week joining HMS Raleigh, doubtless there will be AET's amongst them, particularly as it's a shortage category trade.

    Hopefully one or two may pick-up on this thread.
  3. I'm going for AET too, but 8th of March.
  4. 1st of march
  5. When did you all apply, because im looking at being an AET and wondering how long its taken from application to starting?

  6. Hey catton, i applied in July and iv got my start date in Feb, which is about an average time i guess. It can all be helped by filling in all paperwork correctly and getting it back to the AFCO asap. Simple things really.

  7. Dave_ check you PM mate :)
  8. It will take about 3/4 months from application/RT to starting at Raleigh. That's if all the selection process goes smoothly (RT, interview, medical, fitness test and security clearance).


  9. hey kyle,i am going in as an aet on feb 22 aswell
  10. Hey mate check you PM
  11. 22nd feb for me as well
  12. 31 may, far too long to wait :(
  13. 31st May for me too.

    Gutted 'cos now I'm gonna have to try to find a job for 4 months.

    When did you start your application big_e? I first contacted AFCO at start of November but had to wait a month to sit the RT, then another month to have my selection interview. Then 2 weeks for my fitness test and now 4 months before I actually start.
  14. Then the next 22 years or so reaping the rewards.

    Small price I'd say. :roll:
  15. That's what's annoying, I can't wait to start reaping the benefits.

    I know of someone in the same town (Teignmouth) as me applying for AET who had their RT on exactly the same date I had my selection interview and they had completed all their test etc (except security clearance i assume) before me! Just seems to be a bit of variation between different AFCO's that's all.

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