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Finally got my start date for AET... April 28th 2013. Didn't think it was ever going to come around. For anyone intrested in joining as an AET, from when I passed my RT until the date I start Raliegh, it would have been a 32 month wait. Also got my PRNC at end of January.
Sorry mate i was asking joe_145. I'm going for CIS, completed everything and was told by my AFCO im on track for April 2013 which will be my 24 month wait. Just wanted to know what the waiting time was for AET when he sat his RT, to see if the waiting times are accurate.
I wonder how many candidates find better jobs during those 32 months and sack it off?

Surely instead of having massive waiting lists, they should just make the entry criteria harder? **** off the dross and only recruit the very best candidates?


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Think it was 24 months when I passes my RT August 2010, so has gone up a bit.

Yeh fair point 2_deck_dash, to be honest after my initial reservations about joining up and recruit tests, I thought it would be a lot tougher, especially, like you say with a high number off initial recruits and basically having 'the pick off the bunch' they could seriously step up pass marks to get the very best. But at the same time a long waiting list probably ensures that only the most committed people are willing to wait and stay focused/fit. When I went for my interview the kind lady was saying that there are loads of people turning down start dates. I got offered to start end of October this year because someone pulled out but couldn't due to my first child being due on November 4th. Anyway I don't care because I got my date .... :)
That's true, mind you this is what I have wanted to do since I was a child so the wait was just part of the process. It is bloody frustrating not knowing but if it was all handed on a plate then lots of people would join half heartily. But well done and best of luck when you get to Raleigh.


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i'm in exactly the same boat boat for start date and job.

hoping to go Merlin, they fly over my house all the time, grew up with the change over from SK to merlin and live 5 minutes from RNAS culdrose


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Think you pass out on the Friday then got to be at sultan for Monday morning.
Start Sultan at 13.00 on monday, then 23 weeks there before moving on to your air station for phase 2b which is another 6 months before fully qualified. Enjoy Raleigh mate its a great experience i loved it, been in nearly a year now it flies.

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