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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by gregsnell, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm joining as an AET and have got my joining date for HMS Raleigh and have just finished an RNAC course which I hugely enjoyed.

    Looking ahead into the future, I was wondering what sort of sea-time ratios you might be able to expect from different airframes and/or squadrons?

    Obviously going to sea is a major part of the Navy and I'm looking forward to it. However, Home life is also hugely important to me and I'd be looking for as near a 1:4 ratio as possible.

    I have seen a rough breakdown somewhere before but after an hour of searching I'll be damned if I can find it again.

    Any help is muchly appreciated.

  2. Wafu? Sea time? Don't worry mate - no problem there ...
  3. I doubt your sea time will be more than 1:4 as an AET, but you also have to consider non-sea time abroad. JHC and JFH are currently in afghanistan and I think maybe there are still some JHC winging about Iraq. I also reckon AET sea time is likely to spike when (if) the two new carriers come online.

    As has been hinted at in the post above mine, being an AET is going to be your best bet for shoretime (at present) in general, but it really depends on where you end up and even then, because of moving through jobs, it'll vary throughout your career.
  4. "An officer on my last sub is an ex-wafu. In 16 years he had 6 months sea-time"

    A PO stoker at a certain AFCO on Wednesday said that to me ;)
  5. WAFUs being barrack stantions is a thing of the past, at this current time, as an AET expect to spend a LOT of time away from home, unless you're a merlin faggot.

    It's not like it once was, the junglies in particular spend more time away than the whole of the rest of the RN, Harriers are not far behind.
  6. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I certainly agree with MLP, the junglies have been out in Iraq since it kicked off. More and more Matelots are finding themselves away in warm places without a ship to live on, and thats not just wafus.
  7. As a potential Wafu some infomation on where aircraft are currently being deployed and for how long would be excellent.

    I'm wanting to get away as much as possible and anyone living in middlesbrough will agree.
  8. Middlesborough, in that case don't worry where you end up, anywhere is preferable to Middlesborough, especially now that the Top Cop has gone :p
  9. Exactly, wont even be able to watch premiership football next season!

    I don't suppose your going to answer the original question now are you? :roll: :wink:
  10. As an ex wafu I wish I could, however after serving 22 years I left the FAA and started to work for a living, that was over 23 years ago so anything that I told you would be extremely historical, possibly even hysterical :p
    Best you hop on that transporter bridge when nobody is looking and do a runner :oops:
  11. I've heard alot about wafus that they literally sit and do fcuk all, but is this the case, or am i having to wait and see ;)
  12. It's all lies that wafus do sweet FA. :x
    They have to drink coffee, learn the wafu rules of uckers and even the complicated card game Euchre.
    If that was not enough they also have to learn how to ensure that they are top of the list for an early chop. :p
    Some even get to drive a tractor and pull the aircraft around. If you fancy this, forget it. Once you are qualified to drive the tractor your chance of an early chop has gone. Tractor drivers are always the last to secure. :twisted:
  13. That's a yes then!

    Right i'll have another go at getting blood out of this stone!

    Which aircraft would be likely to be doing the most work? Most time away and sea time?

    I ask simply because i don't want to be sat around doing FA!
  14. Weve only got the Harrier oppo :roll: :roll: if your after Fixed wing onboard!!! QUOTE

    Which aircraft would be likely to be doing the most work? Most time away and sea time?

    I ask simply because i don't want to be sat around doing FA! QUOTE this is not the correct attitude for being a successful Woo :wink: :wink:
  15. Maybe im going to be a new generation wafu :roll:
  16. Traditions are hard won, it is a long standing tradition that a wafu should do the bare minimum work and conserve his energy for playing. :p
    With your attitude you could well fck up the whole branch. :oops:
    Sure you don't want to try for general service :p
  17. I :roll: :roll: Im sure their is a vacancy for you at Dartmouth
  18. Scouse I think that our reliefs have failed to pass on the traditions of the service :oops:
  19. It seems Slim they have forgotten to hand down the clicky beds!
  20. WAFU + Sea draft = Portland back.

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