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Finally off to Raliegh on 31st May and am fairly sure I wanna specialise in Lynx avionics (mainly due to location, not that Yeovil's a particularly nice place but it's as near home as I can get).

The one thing I can't find any information on anywhere is the salary I'd be on after completeing training at Sultan.

So far I figure I'll be on:
£13k for the first 6 months (from 31st May)
£16k until completion of training at Sultan (should be a further 2 months)
£16k-£27k after Sultan

If anyone can fill me in on what a noob AET 2nd Class Salary is that'd be great.
Every pay day a fortune, every meal a feast...etc.
Surely there's a Scale of pay for Ratings on the RN site, although you seem pretty close to the mark with your figures above. You'll get pay rises if you keep your nose clean, do your job satisfactorily and get your taskbooks completed etc.
Uncles Ninja or SuperMario will be along soon to give you the chapter and verse.


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Joining the Navy to be close to home is a new one on me. Best of luck in your chosen trade fella, stick it out you'll enjoy the ride.


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New Entry Rate of Pay £1084.41 (Gross per month). £13013 (Gross per annum)

After 26 Weeks £1352.25 (Gross per month). £16227 (Gross per annum) This remains unchanged for the first year apart from the annual "cost of living increase".


Food Charge £3.89(Daily) £116.70 (30 day month)

Accommodation Charge £0.57 (Daily) £17.10 (30 day month)

Council Tax £0.08 (Daily) £2.40 (30 day month)

The average monthly pay for a single New Entrant after stoppages (Tax, National Insurance, food, accommodation and Council Tax) is approximately £770.00. It is stressed that this is an approximate figure and will vary between individuals.

(The above charges are quoted for RN joiners in HMS Raleigh)

Latest Rates of Pay HERE

The way increases work are as follows:

You get an annual pay increment pay rise (9 in total) on the anniversary of your joining the Service (Your Incremental Basic Date or Nautical Birthday). You also get an annual pay rise as recommended by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFRB) which is supposed to keep pace with inflation.

To calculate roughly how much you will earn at today’s rates (bearing in mind it will change by the time you reach those scales:

For Able Rating, subtract £16,227 from £27,599, divide by nine then add 1/9th to £16,227 for each year you serve at that rate to get an approximate wage.


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Ahh right. Makes much more sense now cheers. I assumed there would be seperate gradings in the Able Rate bracket. Just have to make sure I get promoted quickly. LOL.

Re: Being near home. I've done a bit of travelling round the country (actually ran a pub about 2 miles from AgustaWestland [Edit: actually crashed my car about 1/2 mile from there as well. LOL]) and found myself feeling very isolated. I'm sure I won't get that in the FAA, but it's still nice not to have to travel too far when I do go home.
gregsnell said:
but it's still nice not to have to travel too far when I do go home.
Strange reading the last bit of your reply.

In my era we joined up to get away from home! (In the main).

Now it appears the opposite applies.

How times change. :)


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I think it's still pretty much as it was but I think I'm just an exception to the rule. I seem to be the only person I know that doesn't abhor the place I live in.

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