AET return of service

I've been looking on the forums for the AET return of service and I haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone know the length of return of service?
Return of service isn't the same for all ratings and is dependent on the length of their standard initial training period. Ask your AFCO and they should be able to tell you
I've read 2.5 years normally with a 12 month notice after but then again I've also read for an AET it is 4.5 years. I'm not too sure what to believe because I couldn't find it on the RN website or information pack I was given. Only thing I found was that you serve for 18 years or till the age of 40 and if you decide to leave early there is a "minimum return of service", they stated nothing else. Will the AFCO have that information by the way?


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Its something like 2.5 years from the end of your professional training, not sure if that means phase 2 or 3. Then you can put in the 12 month notice

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