AET required psychometric test score.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by CDW22, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. I've already passed my test for AET I was just wondering what the score needed to pass was? Or wether you needed a relatively high or low score.
  2. You applied for AET
    You sat the tests
    You passed!
    Does it really matter what the score was? You'd probably be better devoting your energy towards the next stages of the selection process.
    Well done by the way.

  3. Your obviously ffing great, just gloat on it for a while. Welcome to gods chosen ones
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  4. Gotta agree!

    To quote the old military axiom, anything over the pass mark is wasted effort!!!!

    And yes! Well done. NAM's rule - sod AET's!!!!!!! (You have to be a tad older to appreciate it I suppose!):binky:
  5. No Pinkies rule (from our pits cos we get more early chops):compress:
  6. Not going there!!!!!!
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  7. No such thing these days waspie all Av now.

    We all got cross dressed to glorified battery connectors
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  8. So does that mean grubbers, as was, now know how to play Euchre and Bridge, only previously played by pinkies due to their excessive crew room time!!!!!
  9. Grubbers talk a good watch, they only have three LRU's to worry about! engine, airframe and wing
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  10. Well JFH looks like Waspie and I got out while the going was good (or acceptable):compress:
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  11. Me too, got cross dressed and then ran the Line, 6 months in bombhead workshops and out.
  12. You all lost me at pinkies
  13. Radio and radar a.k.a pooftah amps.
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  14. Its the volts that jolts, the mills that kills, but RF melts your plums.
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