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Hello to all
My first ever post on this site.. I have applied to join the Royal Navy as an AET. I'm due to have my Psychometric test and medical (providing I pass the first stage of course) on 23th November.

What I noticed from some of the reading, is that if you wish to become an Engineering Technician, you have to do a second test to see if you have the "potential to develop advanced engineering skills".

Is this second test done on the same day as the first psychometric test? What kind of questions are likely to come up? I don't have any background in mechanics or electronics so I'm a bit nervous as to what might pop up. Am I expected to memorize a load of formulas and equations?

Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.

I've just been accepted as an AET, my psycho tests were just about reasoning in accordance with the literiture given in the info pack, i think the second tests are either when you go for basic OR when doing specific.

Its all to do with whether you are best suited to avionics (radar n stuff) or mechanical, i.e. wings, fuselage engines stuff like that. I wouldnt worry, if you got average GCSE/above you'll breeze the psycho's.

Anyone correct me if im wrong, I'm a newbie too!
Im by no means qualified but im pretty sure that "second" test was the old artificers exam of some sort.

Which is no longer done anymore, the only test you have is the physcometric test you have been informed about. There is plenty of threads on it, have a search.


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Drakey said:
There is no second test. It was taken out of the proces a few years ago

The additional maths test was removed a good while ago & the overall RT score for AET was reduced by a further 6 points on 01 Nov.
Cheers for the info guys. I'm surprised some of the information and booklets have not been updated because it was definitely mentioned; even in 1 of the leaflets specifically for AETs that was given to me at my local AFCO.

Anyway, thanks again.

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