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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BloodyPirate!, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. just passed my RT today way better than I expected,
    to the level that I initially wanted to enter as
    Seaman Spec but have
    now been recommended for AET based on my test
    results as my AFCO feels that i will get mentally frustrated
    with a less academically demanding position.
    basically i need advice , is it worth all the training for
    AET and is the action side still there in the role??

  2. Any Air engineering techs out there?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The advantage of AET, first and foremost is that there is technical training, more transferable skills, shorter waiting times, faster potential for promotion, etc.

    Disadvantages include slightly less proportional sea-time compared to Warfare trades & an academically demanding professional training course with demanding standards with proportionally higher failure rates .
  4. passed my test for this today interview in 4 weeks
  5. If you pick harrier you'll like end up in Afghanistan with the RAF lot. If you pick Lynx copter you could end up anywhere on a number of different ships and you also might be based in some of the high risk places like Iraq, Afghanistan/darfur/sudan. If you pick merlin copter you could be based in sunny England. Seems a bit like the world is your oyster mater. Have a quick read up on the net about the different aircraft and what deployments you could get attached to - the different aircrafts you're attached to make a big difference.

    unfortunately the only action left in the Fleet Air Arm is bum action. Which don't get me wrong I'm all game for, just different strokes n all that.
  6. i want to go on choppers but cant decide between merlin or lynx but whos to say i get my chocie i will end up were the navy needs me most.
  7. I passed my RT for AET on wednesday and i have my interview on tuesday. I'm hoping to go for lynx aswell. I imagine we will be going to raleigh near each other if everything go's well docherty.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You should PM thingy then. :wink:
  9. AETs going in todays FAA will be struggling to work on Fixed wing Strike aircraft, ( About 20 Harriers and 90 rotary wing i believe, but i stand corrected) mainly rotary wing now!!! unless you believe in the future :wink: :wink: and shed loads of F35s :lol: :lol:
  10. I'm going AET, I'm led to believe a lot of people leave the navy after qualifying as an AET because it has such good job prospects in civvy street, I'm also told training can be up to 2 years and longer than that before you get on a ship but the work to me seems interesting and you get good skills. It might not be high adventure on the 7 seas but it's still something different to most people and if you stick at it will most likely end up on a ship somewhere eventually.
  11. Who maintains fixed wings ?
  12. Having read the posts already made I would think that it's AETs.
  13. AET's maintain the Navy's harriers under the crabs wings, draftwise on harriers its roughly about 15% per class that go harriers at a guess from recent drafts at Sultan.
    Bloody pirate unless you like cleaning go AET. If you passed the RT with a high enough score for AET you;ll be fine if you put the effort into training. The trade training isnt hard so long as you put in the time to revise etc.
  14. I'm sitting the RT this coming monday, and am hoping to get high enough marks to apply for AET, I've been revising for all parts but am wondering if there is any specific part that I'd need to score higher in than others in order to pass for AET..

    As I understand it, not everybody completes the whole test within the alloted time, but can still achieve high enough marks to pass for AET, so which if any do I need to focus on in order to pass? ie; Is the mechanical comprehension more important, the maths, or just a well rounded overall score?

    Thanks in advance for any replies / advice...
  15. I think yea, if you score like 95% on the mechanical comprehension, and score less on the other sections on purpose, it shows that you're more into mechanical comprehension and you'll get recommended for AET no problems.
  16. a rounded score is needed, but believe from posts previously from NS that you need a decent maths score for AET.
    AET pass is about 66% going off chats with my DO ;)
  17. Bullsh1t. You need to do the best as you possibly can on ALL four sections of the test.
  18. From what I have picked up, the worst thing you could do would be to concentrate on one area and forget about the rest. Put your effort into all sections, test yourself to the clock. Nothing will happen to you if you score too highly, score below and you have to wait another year. I think that's how it works anyway, but yeah aim to get 100% in all sections within the time, and you can't go wrong.
  19. If you dont go into the FAA, in 5 years time you will hang a sign on yer ass saying, "kick me"!!!

    Why do you think that the gen service are always moaning and bitching.............'cause they now all wish they joined up as a woo too! THEIR JEALOUS MATE
  20. Cheers for the replies fellas.

    @ CornishGolfer can you give me a quick rundown of why going into the FAA is better than gen service? What are the differences? Cheers chief.

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