Aet phase 2 questions


Hello all,
I have just got my start date for Raleigh (4th November 2018) :) Very pleased and it can’t come round soon enough! Just the PRNC to tackle now!

Just have a few quick questions about phase 2 for an AET...

What are the specific modules for both mechanical and avionics in phase 2? And are there any specific engineering areas I can brush up on before I join?

I would like to eventually go “jungly” as from what I have read on here this really appeals to me, however I will be happy with any of the options, but this would be my preference given the choice. What would the chances be of me getting this preference and is it a sought after request thus meaning I’d be less likely to be streamed down this path.

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Get through basic first. Far too many try to run before they can walk. (Personal experience speaking). One step at a time. It will all dovetail into place. Once basic is nearly over then start thinking next phase/step.
Good luck by the way, AET ain't a bad route!! (Been there blah blah!!!!).

Edited to say, use the 'Search' facility at the top of the page. Loads of AET advice going with out us old farts getting arsey and threaders with the same old questions and answers.


Thanks for the reply, okay I’ll put these curiosity’s to bed till after Raleigh.
Thanks, glad you think it’s a good role choice!