Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bestyj, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. hi there. im just finishing my a level in pe, math and physics. failed physic most likely.

    im gona join the navy over the summer hopfully after re applying soon for rating entry as opposed to officer sponsership.

    just wondering on all the pros and cons of aet and met. i.e. travel time for each? worktime and leave? how often your at sea and how often ashore? why every1 hates wafus lol according to other posts. how much sunlight met's see? and generally which one is better.
    also whats navy rugby standard like?

    cheers for any help. besty
  2. No contest. AET wins every time. Don't know what Met does these days, in my day it was mainly wrens who did it and they were based at air stations in the main.
    AET use it right, take all the breaks and you come out after your nine years with skills recognised in civilian engineering
    MET practise your English so that you talk with a lisp and don't pronounce your Rs so call Rain, Wain and you could if you're lucky become a television weather girl.
  3. I may be wrong, but I think MET is Marine Engineering Technician.
  4. Everyone hates WAFUs cos they're jealous of us.....

    Two types of people in the Navy - those that are WAFUs and those that want to be.......

    Taking cover
  5. Where do you live bestyj?
  6. OOPs :oops: showing my age. MET was always meteorology in my time.
    in that case I am not qualified to advise as either will give good training and prospects.
  7. hiya there guys. yea i do mean marine engineering tech.
    lol i got it with the wafus now thanks.

    um forgot who asked were im from. but i live down at the bottom of cornwall. why do u ask?
  8. you get good qualifictions and naval training in all three ET branches you just need to choice if you want to play on weapons, radar, sonar and comms(ETWE) or in the engin room(ETME) or on aircraft(AET).
  9. if you like loads of shore time and sports go wafu and get yourself down to Culdrose which is prob only a few miles away from where you are now...and all this coming from an MESM :lol:
  10. so if a stoker is now a MET what is a MET who does the weather????
  11. A failed chockhead.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    WS(HM)- stands for: Warfare Specialist (Oceanographic, Hydrographic & Meteorological). Sounds like the beginning of Grease Lightning, but there you go- they do weather forecasts. By the way, stokers are called ET(ME) not METs.
  13. I thought METOC dealt with all that weather rubbish! I'm biased but I would defo have to say AET.
    As mentioned earlier but there are two kinds of people, but that's not saying we don't work, that's what most fisheads don't get we do work quite a bit, especially when on deployments or when working with the bloody Sea King lol!!!
  14. sorry lads ive had trobles tryin 2 reply.
    wel i went down the recruiting office today and got all my applications.
    just gota make a descion i spose now on wafu or fishhead it seems.

    as u said for wafus u get more shoretime and play sports which igood. but i do wana travel a bit. so what the prospects of gettin in some sea time and traveling a bit as an AET?

    and the oppisite for ME/ET do u get much shore time?

    cheers besty
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Join as an AET, plenty of shoretime unfortunately in either Afghanistan or Iraq but look on the bright side both are a long way so there's your travel :wink:
  16. haha fair play/ i would much rather be out at sea and working and gettin a chance to go ashore abroad than stuck at culdrose where i already hav been in cornwall for my whole life. cause the impression from most ppl that have spoken about AETs mention culdrose alot and alot of shoretime there.
  17. Try for Submariner, like me!

    You'll go over the world - but you'll be 200ft beneath it! :D
  18. haha. nah i like the sunshine me. me dad was a submariner but unfortnattly im not gona take after him.
  19. Royal Navy is the Royal Navy mate, any job is better than packing meat in a chicken factory!

    But I just like the sound of the Submarines.

    Not literally the sound of the engine or something, I mean the idea of being a Submariner is something that is appealing to me! :p

    Fleet Submariners actually stop off at a lot of places too - so I've been told.

    I don't know if it's true, but you stay in hotels whereas your Surface counterpart will stay with the ship and won't get a food allowance!
  20. ME/ET's probably do more time at sea, but thats where you want to be, (is it not) when the flight (wafu's) come on board they never seem to fully intergrate in to the ships crew and are always asking where, who, when why... cos on the whole theyr'e always in thier own little world in the hangar. (hiding from hard graft!! ha ha) as an ME/ET, which ever you prefer you will still get solid qualifications on leaving the service and hopefully be able to use these skills in what ever you choose to do after...
    hope that helps.. ive transfered over to tiff, which is the branch that the above are now replacing.

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