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Apologies if this has already been posted (I have checked - I promise!) but can somebody discuss the general day-to-day life of an AET whilst onboard? I assume that air operations don't commence everyday unless on a carrier. So what other roles do AET's fulfill whilst embarked?

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TH, All depends on what aircraft type you're on. There are no two types the same, different watch patterns, different servicing schedules, some more complex that others.

Air operations on any ship can be called at anytime in the case of SAR, VIPTAX, Welfare Flights, Target (submarine) spotting etc.

You will mainly be working the line (flightdeck operations) or in the hangar fixing the broken ones, on a lynx flight you may well be the survival equipment rating and be fixing/servicing flying kit. Tool Control (dirty word to fisheads) needs to be done, and if you're lucky you may end up as PO's/CPO's messman.

Loads of different jobs to do.
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If you work hard and pass all your exams then you may end up as JFH did and be elevated to Early Chop controler and Master Clicky bed tester:D

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